RazorPicks 2009 — Week 3 My Picks

#14 Georgia Tech @ #20 Miami
Yes, the Jackets are 2 – 0. Yes Miami hasn't played in 14 days. Yes Miami's win was on the road. Yes this is the ACC. So, how in the world do you pick this game? Toss up. Toss ups on the road in conference typically go to the home team. This would have been a no-brainer if we hadn't seen FSU struggle mightily to score against … JACKSONVILLE STATE last weekend. The Miami @ FSU game two weeks ago was a great game, or so we thought. Now, I am not so sure either team is good. The Jackets have looked very sloppy at times during their two wins and I think that catches up to them. If the Jackets ever get down big, they are in BIG trouble b/c they can't throw the ball to save their lives. The U in a squeaker.

Jackets 27 The U 34

Tennessee @ #1 Florida
You remember the scene in Gladiator when Commodus is in the middle of the arena and Maximus is wounded (Commodus is the only one who knows this of course) and Commodus stands in the middle of the arena battling Maximus and Maximus drives Commodus' dagger deep into Commodus' chest. That is the same look Lane Kiffin will have when Meyer and Tebow are still throwing 80 yard bombs in the 4th quarter. Florida picks its final score here.

Vols 9 Florida 77

#19 Nebraska @ #13 Virginia Tech
I am not sure when the last time it was that the Cornhuskers went on the road and beat a Top 15 team, but I can guarantee you it wasn't within the last 10 years. Virginia Tech however is a very favorable matchup for the Cornhuskers. The Tech team doesn't matchup well with them just like they didn't matchup well with the Tide earlier in the year. Can the Husker offense really be as good as it has shown in its first two games of the season? Will Tyrod Taylor step and lead the ACC in a premier matchup? I just don't think the Hokies have it and I do think the tide is turning in Lincoln. The Huskers win this and they should be a shoe-in to win the Little XII North.

Huskers 28 Hokies 24

#18 Utah @ Oregon
This Oregon team has LOTS of issues on offense. Although this game will be in Eugene, I just don't know if the Ducks can find the glory from last year that they are so desperately looking for on offense. On the other hand, Utah didn't look very good at all in a in-state rivalry game with Utah State last week. Does this mean the winning streak could be over for the Utes? Will Maisoli finally find the rhythm with that Duck offense? I think the Utes jump out early and hold off a late charge. Should be a classic though.

Utes 41 Ducks 38

Florida State @ #7 BYU
I am sorry, but giving up 23 points to Jacksonville State and having to come from behind and score 21 points in the final 8 minutes of the game to win at home doesn't get you much respect in my book. Maybe it was a hangover from the tough loss at home to Miami the week before. Maybe they just aren't that good. BYU is good. Their offense sputtered in the first half in New Orleans, but Matt Hall got on track late and look for him to carry that over here. Another big win for the Cougars over a "named" conference team only bolsters their BCS Buster resume.

Noles 17 Cougars 38

Texas Tech @ #2 Texas
Another rivalry game very early in the season. Texas looked just plain awful in the first half in Laramie last weekend. Texas Tech finally appeared to get a little on track playing Sister Mary's Poor and Blind School from Abilene. So what does it all mean? It means Texas will be ready for payback from last year's debacle in Lubbock. Texas Tech just doesn't have the defense it had last year or the momentum. This could get ugly late. Shorthorns walk away with their pound of flesh in Austin.

Red Raiders 24 Shorthorns 45

#3 USC @ Washington
To Barkley or not to Barkley. That is the question for Pete Carroll this week. Does his partially separated shoulder that he played with the entire second half against the hapless Buckeyes sideline the rising Freshman? Or does Aaron Corp (the original selected started in the Spring until a knee injury set him back) become the new leader in Los Angeles and Ole Petey has a big time QB controversy on his hands? Can Sarkisian do a number on his old boss and ambush them in Spokane? Is this the annual road game that USC just doesn't show up for? They do it every year, although it typically happens in Corevalis. I think it will be close for a half and then the Huskies just don't have the depth to hang with the men of Troy.

Trojans 42 Huskies 27

Tulsa @ #13 Oklahoma
Well it ain't Idaho State. But it ain't Gus Malzhan either. They still don't have Sam Bradford. The Hurricanes are the team they were last year when they lost by a LOT in Tulsa. Look for it to be close early, like the first 10 minutes. But then look for the Sooners to get the running game going and short dump offs and YAC up there and then it will be over for the Hurricanes.

Small Breezes 14 Boomer 42

Connecticut @ Baylor
It is heart-break city for the Huskies from the NE. After just throwing up all over themselves in the 4th quarter at home last week to lose to North Carolina, can they regroup enough to handle a very athletic team in Waco. I don't think they do. I think the Bears are a program on the rise and I fully expect the athleticism of the Bears to give the Huskies fits all day long. It could be a very very very long day for UConn.

Huskies 13 Bears 34

Tie-Break (give the score)
#23 Georgia @ Arkansas
This is the game. Arkansas has circled this game on its schedule ever since it walked of the field in War Memorial Stadium in November of last year after their last second victory of LSU. They circled this game because they knew it would be the measuring stick by which their entire 2009 season would be gauged. Do they have what it takes to beat a very talented and well-coached road team in Georgia? The Hogs are 0 – 4 against the Dawgs since joining the SEC. Would this be the game they get over the hump? Will this be the game that propels them to a possible 9 win season? Does this signal to the rest of the SEC that Bobby Petrino has something really stirring in the Ozarks? I believe it boils down to who can run the football. In both of its games thus far, the Dawgs have not shown the ability to run the ball very consistently. Arkansas didn't do so hot either against Missouri State. To Arkansas' defense, it is hard to get yardage when the Defense puts 9 men "in the box". Georgia's special teams were ALL that against South Carolina last weekend in Athens. They had over 200 return yards and a TD. The Dawgs have a TON of speed and they get their big bruising back returning this week as well. Can Ryan Mallet prove he is the SEC caliber QB everyone has hyped him up to be? Can the Arkansas defensive front put pressure on Joe Cox and force him into some mistakes? I think this game will be one of the most entertaining of the weekend (and not just because Erin Andrews will be on the sideline in Fayetteville but that doesn't hurt). It will be a back and forth game and in the end, I believe the home crowd, the atmosphere in Fayetteville will be just enough to put the Hogs ahead at the end.

Dawgs 28 Hawgs 38