RazorPicks 2009 — Week 6 My Picks

Here they are:

Thursday, October 8

#21 Nebraska @ #24 Missouri

  • Nebraska's defense is just too good to lose this game.
  • Missouri SOS (111), Nebraska SOS (84), Nebraska hung with Va Tech in Blacksburg while Mizzou, yeah, Furman??? Really??
  • Nebraska 35 Missouri 17

Saturday, October 10

Boston College @ #5 Virginia Tech

  • Two very good defenses in a very maligned conference. If Va Tech is #5, then how big is the gap between #4 and #5 in the country?
  • The Hokies seldom lose at home and they are actually playing very good football right now … for the ACC.
  • Can the Eagles tap the emotion again for this game from like they had at home against the Seminoles?
  • Boston College 20 Virginia Tech 27

#17 Auburn @ Arkansas

  • Offense! Offense! Offense! That is the theme in Fayetteville on this brisk Saturday morning!
  • Whose offensive mind will prevail? The one touted as the best in college football (Petrino) or the upstart from nearby Springdale (Malzhan)?
  • In the end, it could be whomever has the ball last. And in the SEC, go with the home team if all else is equal.
  • Auburn 38 Arkansas 41

#3 Alabama @ #20 Ole Miss

  • Bama is playing like #1 instead of #3 right now and Ole Miss just doesn't have everyone on the same page yet.
  • McElroy is still undefeated as a starting QB, and Snead will be facing immense pressure this week from the Bama DL. 3 picks against Vandy doesn't bode will for him.
  • Pay attention to the action on the sidelines, as this on is sure to full of chinese fire drills from Hootie and the visiting Rebels.
  • Alabama 28 Ole Miss 13

Kansas State @ Texas Tech

  • What is easier than Tech's non-conference schedule? Playing the Little XII North. Once again the worst division in a BCS Conference.
  • Potts is probably out, but does it really matter? It is a system, and you just plug the next guy in and go for the Red Raiders.
  • The Wildcats lost to Louisiana Layfayette??? Oh Lord.
  • K State 28 Texas Tech 49

#22 Georgia Tech @ Florida State

  • Tough one here. Which FSU team shows up? Will they circle the wagons for embattled coach Bowden? Will they fold like a cheap suit?
  • Georgia Tech has shown they can handle adversity and I look for them to stay the course here. However, if FSU jumps on them early it is over.
  • Georgia Tech controls the clock and Mickey Andrews goes through an entire tub of Double Bubble.
  • Wrambling Wreck 27 Seminoles 23

Michigan @ #12 Iowa

  • Call me crazy but a team the can only beat Arkansas State by 3 at home isn't going to be able to handle the improving Michigan offense.
  • Forcier has another big game and the nation is once again subjected to Big 10 Mediocrity at its finest.
  • Wolverines 24 Hawkeyes 20

#15 Oklahoma State @ Texas A&M

  • This game got REAL interesting this week when Dez Bryant was declared ineligible by the NCAA.
  • They still have a defense in Stillwater though and the Aggie offensive line is still trying to block Jack Bequette and Tank Wright from Arkansas.
  • This one should be interesting to see how the Aggies respond after the whipping in Arlington. Wait, Yep, Jerrod Johnson just got sacked again.
  • Cowboys 45 Aggies 27

#13 Oregon @ UCLA

  • So, the Duck offense back? Boise State sure hopes so. With Oregon continuing to win, that early win by Boise keeps pushing them up the BCS rankings.
  • If Masoli plays it is a cake walk for the Ducks. If not, the Bruins D make life very tough for the Ducks.
  • Oregon 31 UCLA 17

Tie-Breaker (Give the Score)
#1 Florida @ #4 LSU

  • What? You honestly think Touchdown Timmy won't play in this game? This is the one true test for Florida before the SEC Championship game. Of course he plays.
  • This game will win the heisman for Touchdown Timmy. Not only this game, but the 1,000,000 times ESPN replays him leaving Commonwealth stadium in an ambulance.
  • LSU @ night has won 32 consecutive games. It is hard to beat Death Valley at night full of 90,000+ drunk out of their mind Cajuns. Will it be enough?
  • Les Miles might have the miracle potion to stop Touchdown Timmy, but the Tigers will need to run the ball better to control the game.
  • Touchdown Timmy 31 Big Hat Miles 24