RazorPicks 2009 — Week 9 My Picks

#25 Ole Miss 31@ Auburn 10

  • While I would love nothing more than for Aubie to rise up and Malzhan beat his former employer in Hootie, I just don't think Aubie has the horses right now to run that hurry-up-no-huddle against Ole Miss.
  • Snead should have plenty of time to throw and that is never a good thing for an opposing team. McCluster will get at least 20 touches as well.

NC State 17 @ Florida State 35

  • Hopefully the Jekyll and Hyde team that is the Seminoles can build on their come from behind win in Chapel Hill last week on offense. 24 points in the second half to beat the Tar Heels.
  • If the proper team does show up, look for this to be over quickly. However, should the old FSU team show up, geez, it could be a LONG day in Tallahassee.

Georgia 17 vs #1 Florida 35

  • This could be the week the FL Offense finally breaks out. The JawJa defense is not very good and they are struggling at times to stop the run. Could be a great breakout for the Gators here.
  • Tebow has been extremely disappointed and frustrated the last two games with his play. So, you think he is frustrated three straight weeks?? I doubt it.

Kansas 48 @ Texas Tech 52

  • Wow. "Fat Girlfriends"??? Really? This Mike Leach guy really is one crazy dude. I have no idea where half of this stuff comes from with him. However, I think he rights the ship this week in Lubbock.
  • One reason I think the Red Raiders win is because Kansas doesn't have the running game that the Aggies had which ran over and through the Raider defense in a blowout loss last week. This week will be much better.

Eastern Michigan 3 @ Arkansas 66

  • This is the game Arkansas needed at home between the Florida and Ole Miss games. It would have served as a good tune up. As it is now, it helps them get ready for the Ole Ball Coach.
  • The Razorbacks get back Joe Adams for tonight's game. Oh, and ALL of Fayetteville is ticked off at ESPN for scheduling THIS game at 6 pm on Halloween and NEXT week's game at 11:30. HORRIBLE scheduling.

#11 Georgia Tech 21@ Vanderbilt 10

  • Georgia Tech is the best team in the ACC right now. Saying a lot? Not really. But it is something I guess. In a battle of REALLY smart teams, the Wrambling Wreck do JUST enough to beat the Dores on the road
  • The Dores defense is a LOT better than most give it credit. Can they stop the triple option? Don't think so since they haven't seen anyone run it. Especially like the Jackets run it.

#22 South Carolina 9 @ Tennessee 13

  • The question here is whether Tenn can rebound from the stunning last second loss to Alabama? With a chance to win, the Vols had TWO FG blocked in the final 3 minutes.
  • South Carolina's defense is very very good. So is Tennessee's. Look for a very low scoring affair and for Tenn to get the upper hand at home.

#3 Texas 27 @ #14 Oklahoma State 35

  • There is just something about Stillwater that Texas just doesn't like. Not sure what it is, but they ALWAYS get WAY WAY WAY behind and then come storming back to win. This year, I don't think they come back.
  • Even without Dez Bryant, the offense for the Cowboys is still very very good. The Offense for the Shorthorns with Colt McCoy has been extremely … well … average this year. They have put up a LOT of points on suspect teams, but the last two weeks they have been not so good.

Kansas State 21 @ Oklahoma 38

  • Sure K-State is leading the Little XII North division. Woo Hoo! Fayetteville High might be leading that division if they were in it. It's bad. Really bad. And Oklahoma proves that today in Norman.
  • Bill Snyder is a coaching genius for sure, but he just doesn't have the horses to pull off this monumental win today. Oklahoma's defense is just too good and the offense is just fine with Landry thank you very much.

#5 USC 31 @ #10 Oregon 45

  • College football is ALL about emotion and momentum. The Ducks lost opening night in Boise on that horrible blue field. Since then they have reeled off 6 straight wins and the offense is clicking again.
  • You want emotion? Have you ever seen a game played in Autzen Stadium? At night? If you haven't tune in tonight. Don't pay attention to the sure to be hideous Halloween night unis the Ducks will be sporting, but just listen. IT IS LOUD. And it is a House of Horrors for the Trojans. Headline Sunday: Trojans Ripped by Ducks for PAC-10 Lead.