RazorPicks 2010 – Week 10 Results


So, some highlights and lowlights if you will from week 10 in college football:

  1. Hey, Arkansas found a running game. And at a great time too when the Hogs needed it the most in the biggest road game of the season. By cruising past South Carolina, the Hogs now have a very decent shot at their first ever BCS bowl. They need to win out (UTEP, @ Miss State, LSU in LR) and have Auburn win out as well. This will give them 2nd place in the SECW and essentially 2nd place in the SEC. At 10 – 2 they would be a perfect candidate for the Sugar Bowl.
  2. Cam Newton is being scrutinized pretty harshly the last couple of weeks. It appears this may become the norm in college football moving forward with start athletes, unless the NCAA does something quickly. Any star player from a questionable recruitment will be run over the coals by jilted schools to try and tarnish the star players reputation and the school he chooses. However, if these allegations are true with Newton, and Auburn knew, and played him anyways? Well, then, all bets are off.
  3. The Hat. What more can you say or need to say than "The Hat". Kiss my grits. This guy is amazing. Simply amazing. The whole "Deal with the Devil" is starting to look very, very likely at this point. How else could you explain the fake FG in the 4th quarter down by 4? And it wasn't a simple straight-forward handoff up the middle for the 1st down either. It was a toss sweep left, toss reverse right for a HUGE gain that setup the go ahead TD. Really?? Two tosses on one play for a fake FG that were performed by individuals who don't normally execute that type of play? Oh, and let's not even talk about this.
  4. Now the question seems to be is TCU legit or was Utah an impostor extraordinaire??? TCU travels on the road to face unbeaten and #5 Utah. The result was a massive 40 point victory for the Horned Frogs and it wasn't even that close. The only that could have been uglier than the score were the atrocious uniforms that Utah was wearing. I get the whole Veteran's Day celebration and everything, but those things were God-awful.
  5. And finally, let's not move past another week in college football w/out discussing the severe mediocore-level of football currently being played in the Little XII. Two weeks ago everyone was agush about OU, Mizzou, and possibly Nebraska being able to play for the BCS Championship. Now?? Well, let's see. OU loses on the road to a very, very average Texas A&M team. Mizzou loses on the road to Nebraska (not that bad really since they haven't won there since, well, a long, long time) AND Mizzou loses on the road to a very below average Texas Tech team. What about Nebraska? They did beat Mizzou for their first loss right? Well, that same Nebraska team came within a failed two-point conversion attempt in the 1st OT on the road at … AIMES, IOWA of losing on the road as well. Geez. Folks it just doesn't get anymore mediocre than that. Oh, and Texas won't be bowl-eligible this year. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

Brick of the Week

Talk about a game. Wow. I watched the first quarter, then came back for the 4th quarter and the subsequent 3 OT. Amazing game. It was amazing how defense was clearly optional in this game and there was so much on the line for both teams. Rich Rodriguez was teetering again after a great start to the season and needed this win at home to stave off some critics (still needs to dump Greg Robinson though). Ron Zook on the other side, if he could get a win here, could theoretically lead his team to a 9 – 3 season. Great considering he replaced everyone not named Zook on this staff last year. In the end, in a game dominated by offense, it came down to a defensive play … by MICHIGAN. Stopping the Illini short on their 2-point conversion in the 3 OT and winning 67 – 65. It is very hard to give the BOTW for this game, but EVERYONE except this person picked Michigan. So, ball bounces another way, and he is POTW. However, for his pick of Illinois, Mr. Jason "Is it softball season yet?" Shirey gets the award for Week 10.

Pick of the Week

There were a couple of candidates for POTW this week. We had one person who felt The Hat would upend Saban in his return to Death Valley. They were right. Although, I don't remember seeing anything about The Mad Hatter eating grass in the pick. So, we move to the next candidate. Having seen this team play on the road in Columbia should have been a sign to us all. But since we aren't all fast learners everyone picked OU to go to College Station and win. But they didn't. Not only did they not win, they must have left their Offensive Coordinator at home and let some guy from Slaughterville, OK call the plays. On two separate occasions inside the 5 with first and goal, the Sooners run 4 consecutive rushing plays. Net points? 0. So, for picking the Aggies to rise up and beat back the Rushing Stoops, Mr. Jerry "I never cheated on a journalism exam, I don't think." Tucker is your winner. Congrats my friend.

Champion of the Week

This week was another wild and crazy week in college football. Great games were to be found in almost every conference. Upsets were everywhere and when the dust settled we learned a little  more than we did going in and the biggest thing was that Bama won't play for its second straight BCS Championship. We learned also that Oregon's offense can have a "off-day" …. and score 53. We learned that LSU's defense is … decent. We learned that Utah was … O-V-E-R-R-A-T-E-D. We learned the TCU is … pretty salty. And finally we learned that Boise State … still whines. A LOT! And we learned that I guess it takes us getting to a week of upsets and conference titles being decided before we can find out who can really pick some games. This individual missed one game. ONE! And it was the 3-point loss by Saban in Death Valley. Therefore, by going 9 – 1, Mr. Jerry "Mizzou is DUE for a letdown" Tucker is your Week 10 winner. Congrats.

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