RazorPicks 2010 – Week 11 Results

Things learned from Week 11 in the college football world:

  1. Ryan Mallett and the Arkansas offense seemed to have found a pretty good groove over the past couple of games. The running game is tarting to flourish and that only makes the cannon-for-an-arm Mallett all that more lethal. Knile (the K is silent  and it is like the river in Egypt for those taking notes) Davis is on a tear. He has rushed for 176, 82, 110, and 182 the last four games. The 82 was in a blowout against Vandy. Combine that with Mallett's record 5 TD passes Saturday against UTEP and the offense is humming. Can they avoid a letdown in a "trap-game" of sorts this weekend in StarkVegas? State is a very good team in a STACKED SEC West this year. The Hogs could be looking ahead to a matchup with LSU in LR to potentially determine who gets a Sugar Bowl BCS invite. Petrino will have them focused, ready, and hungry. Bank on it.
  2. Off the field, Auburn is dealing with one distraction after another as CamGate revs up even more this week. Today Kenny Rogers and John Bond met with both the FBI and the NCAA. What happens from here is only anyone's guess, but I bet the FBI gets to a resolution before the NCAA. Now, on the field. Cam is still running through opposing defenses with ease, but the bigger story is quickly becoming the play of one of the dirtiest players ever to grace the Plains. Nick Fairley. He is ridiculous. Racking up personal foul after personal foul and getting away with more late hits and cheap shots than anyone in the history of the SEC. Here is some video evidence of how big of an bush league player Fairley truly is. And as is evidenced by the fact that Fairley hasn't been disciplined, we know the SEC protects its BCS Championship contenders. Period.
  3. Man the non-automatic qualifiers for the BCS took another huge hit this weekend. TCU and Boise must wonder who they should schedule at this point. Boise played and beat two BCS teams in Virginia Tech and Oregon State. It was well documented that Virginia Tech lost the next week to FCS opponent James Madison at home. However, now for Boise, Oregon State loses to …. Washington State??? At home?? And TCU thought they had a feather in their cap last week when they went to Salt Lake City and just pounded the then undefeated Utes from Utah. Only to see that same highly overrated Utah team travel to South Bend and lose to a below average Notre Dame team. A ND team that was below .500 before the win. Wow.
  4. Another head scratcher took place in The Swamp this past Saturday as the Ol Ball Coach traveled with his South Carolina team to Florida for a showdown with the Gators. It was winner take all for the SEC East crown in this matchup of Top 25 teams. However, someone forgot to tell Florida and its offense that a game was scheduled and they were slated to participate. The Gator Defense also forgot how to defend against the run, as Marcus Lattimore (who the week before at home had 26 yards in a loss to Arkansas) ran all over them for 212 yards and 3 TD (actually I think Lattimore just scored again). The Florida offense could do absolutely nothing against South Carolina. The same USC-E defense that had just been torched 7 days before at home by the Hogs. Spurrier gets Cocky to Atlanta for the first time in the SEC for the school. Too bad they will just be the sacrificial lamb this year to the SECW.
  5. And last, but certainly not least by any means, the Texas Longhorns. Wow. Just wow. They played in the BCS Championship game last year with a 12 – 0 record. This year, they won't go to a bowl. Any bowl. In an era when every team including Mary Sisters of the Poor goes to a bowl, the Mighty Burnt Orange will be sitting at home. How bad are they Longhorns? So bad that people are scoffing at the idea of them being a 21 point favorite at home against … Florida Atlantic??? Wow. I. Love. This. Dearly. How do you think "Boom" Muschamp is enjoying his time in Austin these days as the "coach in waiting"??? Love. It.

Brick of the Week

So we got closer to 60% this week as the average correct was 5.91 out of 10. And we had another individual correctly pick 9 out of 10. However, there was one game that was just a dead ringer for the BOTW candidacy. That game was the Ole Miss Rebels at the Tennessee Volunteers. The Vols had not won a conference game all year. The Rebels had somehow managed to get an SEC victory by defeating the Kentucky Wildcats in Oxford. So, you thought it would be a toss-up. And most picked it that was as 61% picked the Vols at home. Boy did the Vols roll them up some Rebel Black Bears. Before the end of the 1st quarter it was 21 – 0 Vols and at half it was 31 – 14. It only got worse in the second half as the Vols raced to a 52 – 14 victory. I won't list all of you but those on the Incorrect list here are the recipients of the BOTW, all 9 of you.

Pick of the Week

So, let's see. We have a previously undefeated Top 5 BCS team who just suffered their first loss of the year at home, traveling to South Bend. South Bend is where dreams go to die in the past 6 – 8 years it seems. So, who in their right mind would have given the Fighting Irish a chance against the Utes from Utah? Not many it seems. But, not only did the Irish win, they completely dominated the game from start to finish en route to a 28 – 3 win. Wow. Just plain Wow. However, we did have two individuals who were pulling for the Irish. Therefore they are the POTW for Week 11. They are Mr. Lance "Giggity!" Williams and Mr. Lee "there is a new lil princess in the Smith household" Smith. Congratulations guys.

Champion of the Week

Well, as mentioned above, we did once again have someone go 9 – 1. There were two 8 – 2 contestants this week, so it was a clear cut runaway. However, 9 – 1 with the games this past week was quite impressive to say the least. And they weren't that far off on the Tiebreak score either. Therefore, for their 9 correct picks in week 11, the COTW goes to Mr. Lance "Tom Cable for President" Williams is your winner. Congratulations bud.

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