RazorPicks 2010 — Week 12 My Picks

Here are my picks for Week 12.

  1. Wisconsin 65 @ Michigan 42 — Whisky scored 83, yes, 83 last week on Indiana who had came within a dropped TD pass the week before of beating Iowa. Indiana's defense is not that great … Michigan's defense is much, much worse though. This one could be one for the ages, and my score may be the score at half time. Good grief there will be offense to spare in this one.
  2. NC State 17 @ North Carolina 23 – The Tarheels have had a season to forget … off the field. They have actually played extremely well, considering, on the football field. We got word this week that North Carolina will NOT self-impose sanctions on itself for the entire debacle that is John Blake as part-time assistant coach/part-time runner for an agent. Really? Either way, this is a classic in-state battle that I feel the home team will be ready for and actually play well. The Tarheel defense is very good even without half of the starters that have been permanently or temporarily suspended.
  3. Stanford 27 @ California 14 – Stanford is just a very good football team this year. Their only loss was on the road @ Oregon and we all know how good the Ducks are. Cal however last week held Oregon to a season low 15 points and came within a missed FG at the end of upsetting the mighty ducks. How did they slow down the Ducks? Well, lots of different ways, but this might be the most publicized. I think Cal tries to keep it on the up and up in this game to avoid more potential bad press, and in doing so, the Cardinal run all over them to a 10 – 1 record.
  4. Ohio State 24 @ Iowa 21 – Iowa has been very schizophrenic the last couple of weeks. The lost by one at home to Wisconsin, they destroy previously undefeated Michigan State in Iowa City the following week, and then two weeks ago in Indiana they are the benefactors of a game-winnind DROPPED TD by Indiana in the end-zone to escape Bloomington with a 5 point win. Finally last week they lose on a last-mintue TD pass and injury by Dan Persa at the hands of Northwestern. Iowa has been in every game this year, but just unlucky … a LOT. Tressel is lucky. Iowa, unlucky. See the difference here?
  5. Virginia Tech 27 @ Miami 21 — Miami has played well since Harris went down with an injury due to TRUE Freshman QB Stephen Morris. However, Morris hasn't yet played a defense like he will face in Bud Foster and the Hokies today. VA Tech on the other hand has reeled off 8 straight wins since losing to one guy, James Madison, in week 2. Now they look to wrap up another ACC Coastal Division crown with a win in South Beach. Tyrod Taylor and the Hokies do enough and the Defense wins is for them late with a valiant stand.
  6. Arkansas 45 @ Mississippi State 23 — Last week State was in Tuscaloosa for a game against the Crimson Tide. After 1 Quarter it was still a close game at 6 – 3 Tide. However, then State forgot how to tackle on defense. McElroy ended up 12 /18 for 227 and 2TD in a 30 – 10 win that wasn't that close. This week, the Bulldogs are back home for a matchup against Ryan Mallett. Mallett and the Hogs might be playing the best football played at Arkansas in a long, long time. They have won 4 in a row and appear to be clicking on all cylinders on offense. If they Hogs can jump out early on the Bulldogs, it may be over quickly in Starkville. Look for a great game as the Hogs are notorious for having trouble in StarkVegas and the Hogs pull away late. LSU in LR next week will be all that is standing in the Hogs way of their first potential BCS Bowl bid in school history.
  7. Oklahoma 49 @ Baylor 31 — OU has not played well on the road at all this season. Look at the abysmal play in Columbia to lose to the Tigers and then the horrific game they played in College Station to lose to the resurgent Aggies. They could potentially lose ANOTHER road game this week in Waco, except for the fact that Baylor doesn't have a defense. They have lost of offense, and have made HUGE strides, but still they can't stop anyone yet. Once they can, look out Big XII South. Sooners should make easy and quick work of the Bears as Landry Jones may break some school records in this one.
  8. USC 35 @ Oregon State 17 — The Beavers have fallen on extremely tough times in Corvallis. This was one of the teams that Boise State was hanging its cap on after beating the Beavers early in the season. However, the Beavers have not held up their end of the bargain as they have just tanked in a big, big way late in the season. How badly you ask? How about losing to Washington State. Yes, Washington State and Ryan Leaf wasn't playing QB. The Trojans have regrouped, to some extent and have put together a decent season. Barkley is playing very good, and a 10-win season is still possible for the Trojans with games against Notre Dame and UCLA remaining. No bowl game though. They cheated.
  9. Florida State 34 @ Maryland 24 — There are still 3 teams that could win the ACC Atlantic crown. One team will be eliminated in this game in College Park. How, Maryland has remained in the race is a testament to Ralph Friedgen and his coaching staff. The Terps have beaten the teams they should and been in every other game (except the Clemson game in Death Valley). Look for Christian Ponder to do his magic today though as the Seminoles wrap up the Atlantic crown with a win here and an NC State loss in Chapel Hill.
  10. Nebraska 30 @ Texas A&M 24 — The Aggies are an extremely hot team right now. They have won four straight and they have been led by QB turned WR turned QB Ryan Tannehill. In the last 3 1/2  games he has thrown for 1,108 yards and 10 TD. All wins for the Aggies and he may have saved Mike Sherman's job in College Station. Nebraska on the other hand has won 9 straight November games. Their Defense is coming off its best performance in the program's storied history. They allowed only 87 yards of total offense to the hapless Jayhawks. However, the offense needs to get back on track.k That could be tough this week in College Station. However, look for Helu Jr. and Taylor Martinez to be ready to go and the Huskers to wrap-up the Big XII North crown.