RazorPress 2009 – Week 10 My Picks

Virginia 17 @ #17 Miami 27

  • Feels like Miami has been living on borrowed time these last couple of weeks. They are definitely no the team they were earlier in the year. They are only one game behind GaTech. Oh and the beat the Jackets.
  • The Fighting Grohs have been well, erratic to say the least. Start the season 0 – 3 with loses to William & Mary and Southern Miss, then turn around and win your next 3 with wins over UNC and the Terps. Now you have lost 2 in a row. That third will come today.

South Carolina 30 @ Arkansas 41

  • Ellis Johnson returns to Fayetteville where he was DC for all of one week back in 2008. If his defense doesn't have a better plan than last week in Knoxville, it will be a highlight reel waiting to happen with Mallett in company.
  • If the Gamecocks can make Johnathan Crompton look good, wow, watch out Ryan Mallett. The only question for Arkansas is what defense shows up? The A&M, Auburn, Florida defense? Or the Georgia and Ole Miss defense?? That will be your determining factor.

#8 Oregon 49 @ Stanford 24

  • The Ducks are poised to knock USC off the PAC-10 perch. They simply have to get through Stanford (whom they have beaten 7 straight times), Arizona State, @ Arizona and then the rivalry with the Beavers to end the regular season.
  • Stanford is improving, but no team is as hot right now as the Ducks for Oregon. Jeremiah Masoli and the Ducks are firing on all feathers right now and they will run over the Cardinal.

#16 Ohio State 9 @ #11 Penn State 20

  • Oh look! A game with two Top 15 schools! Awesome! Oh wait. They are in the Big 10. That doesn't count as a big game then. This conference is over-rated, over-ranked, and WAY past its prime as perennial powerhouse conference. Actually the Big 10 is a joke. Plain and simple.
  • About the game, Penn State has a defense right? Ohio State can't play against teams with defenses. So, pretty simple here. Ohio State will lose. Iowa will win the Big 10 and Penn State will somehow get invited to an at-large BCS Bowl game. Only to get slaughtered by some other conference. Same song. Different verse.

Wake Forest 13 @ #10 Georgia Tech 38

  • The Wrambling Wreck is really rolling right now. They only have to win today, @ Duke and then at home against JawJa to be 11 – 1 and win the ACC Coastal division. They handle business easily today.
  • Riley Skinner is the key for the Deacons to have any chance in this game. After leaving with a concussion last week, it is still very much up in the air with him playing today.

Oregon State 38 @ #20 California 35

  • The Bears haven't really been able to play defense against any team with a decent pulse on offense this year. The last two games don't really count for the Bears. That doesn't bode well for them against a VERY good offense that the Beavers have.
  • In the battle of the running backs, Best (Cal) and Rodgers (OSU) I think that Rodgers will have the better game as the Beavers walk away with a big win.

Vanderbilt 13 @ #1 Florida 41

  • Poor Vanderbilt. They seem to get FL at a time when the offense for the Gators is peeking. They have overcome their mid-season struggles and appear to be back on track. The defense has been solid all year and even w/out Spikes for this game, they can handle the Dores.
  • So, do you think Tebow told Spikes he had to sit for the entire game? I don't see Spikes making that decision on his own and when the Chosen One tells you to sit, doesn't matter who you are, you sit.

#24 Oklahoma 38 @ Nebraska 17

  • The Sooners are getting well on a heavy diet of Little XII North teams the last couple of weeks. This week includes a trip to Lincoln. Just a few weeks ago this would have looked like a win for sure for the Huskers. But the wheels have officially fallen off for Pelini.
  • When you lose 9 – 7 to Iowa State @ home, yikes!! The Sooners will roll into Lincoln and come away with another win for Stoops w/out much resistance.

Duke 13 @ North Carolina 24

  • Yes, the Blue Devils are a very hot team right now. They have won 3 in a row for the first time in 2 decades. They have a great passing game. But they are too one dimensional to beat a great defense like UNC on the road.
  • UNC needs to build upon its win last Thursday night in Blacksburg. They had so much promise for this year and it evaporated with 3 consecutive ACC losses. Finish strong for Butch boys.

Give the Score (tie-breaker)
#9 LSU 13 @ #3 Alabama 24

  • Bama has had a week off to prepare. They will be ready for this one in Tuscaloosa as Saban's old team comes to town in the form of a HUGE SEC West rival. The place will be rocking. Look for the defense to just blow up Jefferson and the Tiger offense.
  • While Bama took a week off, Jefferson and the Tiger O got some work in against Tulane. 42 points was very good for this struggling offense. However, they haven't played a defense like this since FL. And we all remember how helpless Jefferson looked in THAT game. Yikes!!!