Stephenson and the Shockers

Simply a "match made in hell."
On Monday, he was the scum of the earth, the Shockers didn't need him for anything to help their program, the Missouri Valley SURE didn't need him anymore, and who really liked winning 40+ games a year in a low-tier baseball conference anyways. So, good riddance Gene and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Wednesday morning has dawned and Shocker fans are once again embracing their departed coach of one day after he did a 180 at OU because of "scholoarship issues that were not acceptable". Now, don't you think he knew about those scholies before he left? And if not, what exactly did he consider when he and his ENTIRE staff left the Shockers for the Sooners? Hey it's OU, they have to be *honest*??

Anyways, Gene is back in Shocker land now and they are just tickled pink to have the guy they didn't need anymore back. Man, what a messed up bunch of fans.