did you hear it?
if you listened closely on saturday afternoon around 2:25 p.m., you heard a loud "thunk"….
it was the sound of a football hitting the ground after a 4th and 4 play call for the razorbacks…
it was the sound of the bowl hopes of the razorbacks falling on deaf ears for the second straight year…..
it was the sound of a season of disappointment driving home another nail in the coffin of houston nutt….
will he survive?
will the obvious political battles being waged in the athletic department tear the program apart?
will the legendary broyles get his way and rebuild the football program with new blood?
will the deep pockets of lindsey win out and houston be given the one more year he was promised two years ago?

are there ANY positives from this 2005 football season for the razorbacks?
well, things sure didn't start out that way….
a 70 – 17 loss to the Trojans from USC in the second week did nothing to help new defensive coordinator herring…
however, since that loss, the defense has steadily and readily improved game after game after game….
all the way to currently 57th in the country….not stellar, but better than 70 points and 8,000 yards against USC….
the team has lost games to Vandy (4 points), Alabama (11 points), Georgia (3 points), South Carolina (4 points), and Auburn (17 points)….
what makes things more frustrating?
instead of 0 – 5 in the SEC, this team could just as easily be 4 – 1 or 3 – 2….
take true freshman mcfadden….
he is on pace to break the single season rushing record at the U of A….
oh yeah, and he had 6 yards…6 YARDS in the Vandy game….
he has rushed for 95 yards against Bama, 125 against Louisiana-Monroe, 108 against Auburn, 190 against Georgia, and 187 against South Carolina….
he very well could average 150 his final three games…
that would give him the single season record with 1319 yards on the season….
this all being accomplished on a team that can't throw the ball 10 yards down the field in the first 7 games…

so, the season hasn't been all bad…
besides mcfadden there is felix jones….on pace to rush for 800 yards himself as a true freshman…
next year, highly touted Mitch Mustain comes in to guide the hogs at QB (if he can beat out Casey Dick who will have 4 sec games under his belt by spring practices)….
if houston makes it, and gets his offensive guru to come to fayetteville….
next year, with the new players, herrings second year, and 8 home games….the hogs could be looking at a 7 – 9 win season…..

let's hope things work out for the best for all involved….