08 RazorPicks – Week 1 – My Picks

Here they are:

#17 Virginia Tech @ East Carolina
In this game last year, the Hokies were playing with as much emotion and as heavy of hearts as any team could play with. They came out flat and hung on late to beat a very ready Pirates team. The Hokies just don't have a lot of offense but they still have a very good defense. East Carolina will want this one more than the Hokies. However, in the end Frank Beamer and the Hokies are just too much. Trendy upset pick here though. Turnovers do in the Pirates in the end.
Ginny Tech 14 East Carolina 10

Bowling Green @ #25 Pitt
The Panthers have been the trendy pick in the Big Least ever since knocking West Va out of the BCS Championship game last year and sending Rich Rod to Michigan. I am still not 100% sold on Dave Wannstedt (the Stache) being able to turn around his alma mater. However, if he is going to win big in a BCS conference, why not choose the absolute worst one out there. Pitt wins big.
Green 14 Panthers 37

#3 USC @ Virginia
This game would have been a good one…..last year. However, Virginia's defense has been left with a HUGE void after Long left for the greener pastures of the NFL. Therefore, it wouldn't matter IF that guy from Springdale was the starting QB at USC (he is #3 on the depth-chart-flip-card) because the Men of Troy will still run all over the Cavaliers. Might be close early.
USC 38 Cavaliers 17

Eastern Washington @ #12 Texas Tech
Man, don't jump out there and bite off too much on your first game Raiders. That extremely lofty ranking is going to be interesting to see how long you hang on to it. This won't be any problem.
E Washington 10 Raiders (pick a number a BIG number)

Arkansas State @ aTm
The Aggies have a toughy to start with, huh? Last year the "Indians" might have been able to give them some trouble. However, with an experienced offense back this year and a real coach roaming the sidelines, this should be an easy one for the Aggie-faithful.
"Indians" 10 Aggies 41

#20 Illinois @ #6 Missouri
This is probably going to be a very good game. I just don't think "good" should used to describe a game where the Little XII is playing the Big 10(1). I just can't do it. Yeah, Mizzou was good last year, probably REAL good, they just couldn't beat the Sooners to save their lives. This year, there is no Mendenhall for the Illini. Oh, and although he can recruit with the best in the nation, Zook has trouble in the big games (save for Ohio State last year). I think that Daniels and Maclin should provide enough offensive fire-power.
Illini 24 Tigers 34

Western Illinois @ Arkansas
The Bobby Petrino era officially begins at Arkansas today. For those not very familiar with the Arkansas program, this is a monumental shift in philosophy for the Razorback Football program. In the 1,121 game history of Razorback football, a QB has thrown for over 350 yards in a game, exactly 35 times. Yes, that is 3% of the time. This is going to be a very interesting an transitional year for everyone. The talent is young. The defense is weak. So, these two tune-up games are critical. In the end the Leathernecks just don't have enough.
Leathernecks 13 Razorbacks 51

Florida Atlantic @ #11 Texas
This game will go a long way in determining just how over-rated the Little XII is once again this year. The Shorthorns start out easy and then work their way up. Austin is getting primed for the September 13 game when the Razorbacks come calling.
FA 17 Shorthorns 35

Appalachian State @ #7 LSU
The Tigers begin their defense of the BCS Championship with almost an entirely new offense. It doesn't matter on that side of the ball when your defense is as good as the Tigers is. You score maybe 14 points on offense and the D will take care of the rest. The Appie State team may have grabbed national and world attention last year when they went in the Big House and stunned Michigan, however, it won't even be close this year in Death Valley. The Tigers are ready.
App State 9 LSU 42

#24 Alabama @ #9 Clemson
Stop me if you have heard this one before….This is THE year for the Clemson Tigers. They are loaded on both sides of the ball and their schedule sets up perfectly for them to run the table and win the ACC and a shot at the BCS Championship. Seems like we hear that every year from Bowden's team. But along the way they lose to someone far less talented than they are. Alabama is not that team. As much as ESPN wants you to believe that Nick Saban is the second coming of Vince Lombardi-Bear Bryant-Woody Hayes-John Wooden-Bobby Bowden-Joe Paterno-Tom Landry all rolled into one. He isn't. Much closer to Benedict Arnold if you ask me. In the end, the inexperience and youth of Alabama shows. The Tigers begin their "march".
Bama 13 Tigers 31

Thanks for playing!