RazorPicks 08 — Bowl Edition — My Picks

1. #13 Oklahoma State vs #17 Oregon — Holiday Bowl
In another high scoring affair in the Holiday Bowl tradition, the Little XII gets another bowl win as the Cowpokes take care of the Ducks from Oregon. Hang on though, it will be a wild ride.
Cowpokes 45 Ducks 38

2. Oregon State vs #20 Pittsburgh — Sun Bowl
The 'Stache gets a banged up Beaver team that was one win away from the Rose Bowl. The Panthers are playing decent football and although the Big Least was down this year in competition, it was probably still more competitive than the Pac-10. Panthers run on the Beavers.
Beavers 17 Panthers 31

3. #24 Boston College vs Vandy — Music City Bowl
Although this is a "home game" for the Commodores, the Eagles haven't lost a bowl game in 8 tries. The Commodores haven't been to a bowl since before I was born. You do the math here. The Eagles D is more than good enough to stifle the horrible Dores Offense. Eagles win easily.
Eagles 28 Dores 13

4. Kansas vs Minnesota — Insight Bowl
Another bowl game where defense is optional. The Fighting Manginos haven't played much defense all year and the Gophers, well they tried, but decided they didn't like it. Both teams have great offenses and it should be a shoot out.
Jayhawks 38 Gophers 42

5. LSU vs #14 Georgia Tech — Chick-Fil-A Bowl
Sorry Big Hat Miles, but the Triple Option will eat your VERY average defense alive. Although the hiring of John Chavis probably helps a TON next year. Too bad he isn't on the sidelines for this one. Paul Johnson is immediately revered in Atlanta after knocking off JawJa and now LSU.
Tigers 28 Jackets 31

6. South Carolina vs Iowa — Outback Bowl
The Ol Ball Coach. The Gamecock defense. That is all you need to know in this one.
Gamecocks 24 Hawkeyes 10

7. #15 Georgia vs #18 Michigan State — Capital One Bowl
Can JawJa stop the run? Will this be Matthew Stafford's last collegiate game? How about Moreno? His last game as well? Not sure about any of those, but I like the SEC going against the Big 10(1) any day of the week.
JawJa 35 Sparty 21

8. Nebraska vs Clemson — Gator Bowl
In what will continue to be a second tier conference division next year, the Little XII North will be won by the Pelini-led Huskers. Mark it down. They will start that by beating a solid ACC team in the Tigers in the Gator Bowl. The defense is coming around and Ganz and the offense seem to be clicking.
Huskers 35 Tigers 24

9. #8 Penn State vs #5 USC — Rose Bowl
I truly believe this game will be MUCH closer than every one thinks. I believe the Trojan defense is "good", I don't think they are "great". They haven't played anyone and don't start throwing out Ohio State b/c not only was that early in the year, it was still Ohio State and they couldn't decide who they wanted at QB. JoePa can coach. Period.
JoePa 13 Carroll 17

10. #12 Cincinnati vs #19 Virginia Tech — Orange Bowl
In Beamer I trust. The Hokies and Bud Foster have that lunch pail mentality back and although the job Brian Kelley has done at Cincy is amazing, it was still against the Big Least. The ACC Hokies should do just fine here.
Bearcats 16 Hokies 24

11. #25 Ole Miss vs #7 Texas Tech — Cotton Bowl
Once again, a game that will be much closer than most expect. The Red Raiders haven't seen a defensive front like this one all year. And after there last two performances of the regular season, one has to wonder if this offense is able to make it through one more brutal game. They eek one out here.
Rebels 21 Red Raiders 24

12. Kentucky vs East Carolina — Liberty Bowl
Kentucky hasn't been stellar all year, but if they can put the offense and the defense on the same page at the same time, this could be an easy win for them. The defense comes to play each and every game. However, the offense doesn't always show up. I think they do today.
Wildcats 28 Pirates 17

13. #6 Utah vs #4 Alabama — Sugar Bowl
A VERY good defense goes against a VERY good offense. However, just like before, the Utes haven't seen a team with this kind of speed and athletes on both sides of the ball all year long. Bama is loaded at the skill positions and their 12 – 1 record proves it. They will handle the Utes just fine in what could be an old-fashioned beat down in N'orleans.
Utes 13 Tide 34

14. #10 Ohio State vs #3 Texas — Fiesta Bowl
Some day very soon, the Buckeyes from Ohio State are going to get embarrassed so bad they actually quit playing football in Columbia. Don't they realize that Speed Kills?? After two successive beat downs at the hands of the SEC, they get the Little XII and the Longhorns. Easier? Nope, the Longhorns have a chip on their shoulder bigger than the state of Texas and they want to prove a point. It will be ugly in Tempe.
Buckeyes 10 Longhorns 42

Give The Score — Tiebreaker
15. #2 Oklahoma vs #1 Florida — BCS Championship
I am sorry, but the string of games scoring more than 50 points will come to an end for the Sooners. They will actually be playing a team that knows what defense is all about. The SEC is built on defense. The Gators have one and they have the most explosive offense in the country (sorry Stoopsy). Touchdown Timmy will get the BCS Championship to put on his mantle next to the Heisman and the other trophies he receives from all those third-world countries he helps.
Sooners 20 Gators 35

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