RazorPicks 08 — Week 1 Results

Ok, sorry for the delay, but here they are, enjoy.

Top 10 Things I Saw/Heard/Read Over the Weekend

  1. So, some teams are better (Vanderbilt) and some teams are worse (Texas A&M) than we had thought.
  2. How bad is Texas A&M? Two words: Arkansas STATE
  3. How good is Alabama's defense? Depends upon how overrated Clemson's run offense is. 0 rushing yards against Bama.
  4. USC is still pretty good or Virginia is just horrible.
  5. The Bobby Petrino era has started at Arkansas….let's just hope it gets better in a hurry.
  6. Dave Wannstedt is still a very overrated coach at Pittsburgh. No change there.
  7. It took a Holtz to beat Frank Beamer at his own game. East Carolina blocks a punt and returns it for a TD to beat the Hokies.
  8. Super Tebow was anything but in his 2008 opener. 9/14 137 yards and 1 TD passing; 9 for 37 yards rushing
  9. Michigan and the Rich Rodriguez era started tough against the Utes from Utah and a loss in the Big House.
  10. Chase Daniel got the leg up on the Heisman Race with his performance against the Illini: 26/45 323 yards 3 TD 1 INT; 9 rushes for 48 yards

Brick of the Week
Well, things were NOT pretty this week. Not pretty at all. Several upsets that were beyond shocking and some that were not AS shocking. This week we had 19 participants who submitted picks for the games. Of those 20, every single one of them missed one game. Therefore, to give everyone a mulligan, I will award the BOTW to everyone that picked this week for missing the Bowling Green win over Pittsburgh IN Pitt. Next week it gets personal.

Pick of the Week
This goes hand in hand with the above "award". You can fall into either category with the slimmest of margins. Go out on the limb and win big time, or go out on that limb and break a leg when it snaps and you fall. This week, I am not sure if she picked it out of spite of if she picked it accidentally thinking it was Arkansas playing aTm, however, she picked Arkansas State to defeat the Aggies in College Station. Yeah. That is probably going to go down in history as the BIGGEST pick ever in the history of the Pick-Em. Therefore, the POTW goes to a Freshman in the Pick-Em joining us this year for the first time. Congratulations Mrs. Tammy "Queen of the UA Alumni" Tucker!!

Champion of the Week
Of course each week we have one of these. They are the person who is lucky enough to get the most picks correct and navigate the tie-breaker with the lowest score. Some weeks this is easy. Others it is NOT at all easy. Typically the first couple of weeks are your easy ones where people can REALLY build a lead. However, no Perfect 10s this weekend. Not even close. Of the 19 people picking the average number of picks correct was 6.00! Ouch! However, there was one person who correctly picked 8 of the 10 correctly INCLUDING the tie-breaker. Therefore, Week 1's COTW goes to none other than Mrs. Tammy "Still Queen of the UA Alumni" Tucker! Congratulations Tammy!!!

Actual Scores of the Games
Virginia Tech 22
East Carolina 27

Bowling Green 27
Pittsburgh 17

USC 52
Virginia 7

Eastern Washington 24
Texas Tech 49

Arkansas State 18
Texas A&M 14

Illinois 42
Missouri 52

Western Illinois 24
Arkansas 28

Florida Atlantic 10
Texas 52

Appalachian State 13
LSU 41

Alabama 34
Clemson 10

Standings After Week 1

8 – 2
Tammy Tucker
7 – 3
Jerry Tucker
Jessica Leija
Brian Mashburn
6 – 4
Travis Stout
Lee Smith
Gene Strode
Jim Carter
Jamey Vaught
Carroll Walls
Ben Gilbert
Steven Leija
Lisa Hill
Damon Hill
5 – 5
April Mashburn
Jonathan Butcher
Jason Shirey
Jon McCurdy
Lance Williams