RazorPicks 08 — Week 6 My Picks

Here they are so enjoy!

Oregon State @ #15 Utah
Before last Thursday, this didn't look like much of a contest for the Utes. Now, after the amazing upset of USC, the Beavers have some clout behind them. However, they are on the road for this one and come up on the wrong end of the scoreboard to a very good Utah team.
Beavers 14 Utes 31

Kentucky @ #2 Alabama
This could be a game where Bama would be ripe for a letdown after two very impressive SEC Road wins. However, since it is at home in Tuscaloosa, look for the crowd to stave off any type of an upset here. Bama moves to 5 – 0 after a very sluggish start.
Wildcats 10 Tide 31

#3 Missouri @ Nebraska
Mizzou hasn't won in Nebraska in 30 years. That is right 30 years. However, this ain't your grandpa's Mizzou Tigers and this ain't your grandpa's Cornhuskers either. After appearing to have the defense shored up early in the year, the Huskers got bulldozed by otherwise hapless Virginia Tech at home last week. Look for Chase Daniel and the Tigers are rolling. It could be as bad as the 41 – 6 score last year IN Columbia!
Tigers 48 Huskers 17

#7 Texas Tech @ Kansas State
The Red Raiders first real game of the year comes in Manhattan. Kansas that is. Look for the Wildcats to be able to move the ball at home against the Raiders. Look for the Raiders to struggle for a while until they get their feet under them after playing another cream-puff-esque schedule. In the end the Raiders are just a wee bit better.
Raiders 42 Wildcats 35

#12 Florida @ Arkansas
Look folks, it is about pride. I don't care if we play the Dallas Cowboys, I will pick the Razorbacks to win. I know that Timmy cried in his post-game press conference. I know Timmy said he would work harder, play better, and heal sick children in Africa more often. I know that Urban Meyer is pissed. I know Urban Meyer will want to run the score up to get some votes back. I know all of this. I also know that they could all trip and tear an ACL running across the field in warm up too! 🙂
Gators 30 Hogs 31

#13 Auburn @ #19 Vanderbilt
Ok, so explain to me what is wrong with this picture. College Gameday will be in…..Nashville, TN. College Gameday will be there to watch the Vanderbilt Commodores play. College Gameday will be watching the #19 nationally ranked Vanderbilt Commodores…in college football, not debate. College Gameday will be there when Auburn finally gets the spread working. Or College Gameday will be there for the biggest win in the history of Vanderbilt Commodore football.
Tubby's Tigers 31 Johnson's 'Dores 27

#14 Ohio State @ #18 Wisconsin
Camp Randall. At night. After a loss in the Big House. Look for the Badgers to be ready. Look for Sweater Vest to suffer another devastating blow to his BCS Championship hopes. Look for another UGLY game of Big 10(1) football. Oh lord will the insanity stop.
Buckeyes 17 Badgers 24

Texas A&M @ #21 Oklahoma State
Ok, so let's recap shall we? Texas A&M loses at home to Arkansas State, wins @ New Mexico, loses at home to Miami, wins at home against Navy. Hmm. Looks like a pattern to me. Loss at Stoolwater this week as the MAN wins a big one.
Aggies 16 Cowpokes 42

Illinois @ Michigan
Who has the better athletes? The Illini do. Who coaches better? Probably Zook. Who will win this game? God only knows. After a completely stunning turnaround last week in the Big House, can the Maze & Blue do it again? Will they be able to topple another Big 10(1) powerhouse (lol, sorry, I had to chuckle on that even as I typed it)? I don't think so. The Juice is Loose! No, not OJ.
Illini 34 Wolverines 20

#23 Oregon @ #9 USC
Ok, so can the cross-state rivals of the Beavers go into the Coliseum and repeat what happened in Corvallis last week?? The Ducks are averaging like 1000 points a game it seems like, but can that offense find a way to score on this "vaunted" D from the Trojans? The Beavers used small, shifty runners to upend the Trojans BCS hopes. Can Oregon do it through the air? Will Pete Carroll lose more hair this week? Will it even really matter?
Ducks 27 Trojans 42