RazorPicks 08 — Week 9 My Picks

Here they are:

1. #8 Texas Tech @ #23 Kansas (Little XII vs Little XII)
There are several reasons why I feel that the Jayhawks will win this game. The biggest reason is the poor defense that TT has displayed over the last two games. They gave up 21 points to Nebraska at home in the 4th quarter when the Huskers forced OT. They then gave up 25 points to the worst offensive team in the Little XII last week in College Station. Kansas can score and score often. Briscoe is coming off a record setting game for the Jayhawks against OU of all people. Look for this to be an explosive game and easily top 100 combined points. The Jayhawks ruin the best start in TT history.
Red Raiders 49 Jayhawks 55
2. Kentucky @ #10 Florida (SEC vs SEC)
While this year Kentucky's defense is VERY good, the Florida offense is just now hitting it's stride it appears. The Kentucky Offense found a spark and may have found it's next star in Freshman WR Cobb. Look for him to get double teams (what a concept) against Florida and the Gators roll the Wildcats in the swamp. They don't need Tebow to win this one.
Wildcats 13 Gators 38
3. Duke @ Vandy (ACC vs SEC)
This isn't your Father's Vanderbilt team of old. They are coming off consecutive road losses in the SEC, but they are still a very solid SEC team. Well, for that matter this isn't your Father's Duke team either. First year coach David Cutcliffe has turned the program around in a hurry. They have won more games this year already, than the previous 3 years combined! Look for Vanderbilt to be a lot tougher on defense than anyone that Duke has played this year. The Dores offense will be just enough to get them by as well. The Commodore defense may even get a TD.
Blue Devils 13 Commodores 28
4. #7 Georgia @ #13 LSU (SEC vs SEC)
So far I have just not been at all impressed with the Georgia Offense. They have struggled all year to actually put two halves of a game together. They do however have that top notch defense that has kept them in games for most of the season. LSU on the other hand got just humiliated in the Swamp two weeks ago and then struggled on the road in Columbia for a hard-fought 7 point victory against the Gamecocks. This game is @ Death Valley although not at night, so the Bayou Bengal fans won't be quite as liquored up as usual. Look for a very hard-hitting low-scoring SEC affair. In the end the Bengals have just enough to get by.
Bulldogs 13 Bayou Bengals 17
5. Virginia Tech @ #25 Florida State (ACC vs ACC)
To show you how much the might ACC has fallen, this game is your prototypical example. These two teams regularly found themselves in the Top 10 in the country year in and year out. However, this year, only one of them is even in the Top 25. The Seminole offense is starting to find its groove with Jimbo Fisher running the show. The Ginny Tech defense is also beginning to "bring the pail" with it to the games. It should be interesting, but the Seminoles just have more talent at the skill positions.
Ginny Tech 13 Seminoles 21
6. Mississippi @ Arkansas (SEC vs SEC)
Oh is this one going to be one for the ages. Houston Dale comes home to Arkansas after having the "golden handcuffs" lifted by former Chancellor John White and skirt-tailing it across the Mississippi River to Oxford. If he thought things were ugly when he WAS the coach, just wait until he runs on that field leading the opposing team into Razorback Stadium. They might not be able to hear the jets flying over it will be so loud with the boos raining down on him. There might also be some D-cell batteries thrown his way too. It could be very ugly. The game on the other hand should be interesting. The Ole Miss D is not as good as Auburn or Kentucky and their secondary is their weakest point. Arkansas' running game will be in tact as RB Michael Smith (SEC Leading Rusher) has been cleared to play. Can the Arkansas DB cover Jeavon Snead's targets long enough? Can the DL of the Hogs get pressure and force bad decisions by the pass-happy Rebel Junior? It should be fun, no matter what happens for the sure enjoyment of knowing the Rebel sideline is in shambles by the 3rd quarter and Houston Dale has gnawed off his left pinky.
Ole Mrs 16 Hawgs 28
7. #2 Alabama @ Tennessee (SEC vs SEC)
This could be the "Save Phat Phil" game for the Volunteers. Should the Vols lose this game, they will be 1 – 4 in the SEC only one year after playing in the SECC game. The Vols defense has kept them in games ALL year long. They had better hope it keeps them in the first half. Alabama is so fast out of the gates it isn't even funny. If the Tide has a 2 or 3 TD lead at half it is all over. The Vols defense just can't score. Saban's march to Atlanta continues.
Tide 24 Volunteers 13
8. #6 Oklahoma State @ #1 Texass (Little XII vs Little XII)
I have picked against them enough already this year and each time they have proven me wrong. This week, I am going with the Shorthorns to beat up on T Boone Pickens Cowboys. I don't know what is worse, the fact that I am actually picking the Shorthorns to win a game or the fact that they have been #1 in the polls for three weeks. I am getting sick already.
Cowboys 28 Shorthorns 45
9. Michigan State @ Michigan (Big 10(1) vs Big 10(1))
It's a rivalry game, so you can throw the records out the window in this one boys. Too bad for Michigan, you can't throw out how horribly your team has played against some of the worst teams in the country this year. Might I remind you that you lost to Toledo in the Big House??? Geez. Look for Stringer to run, run, run the ball down the Wolverines throats and for Sparty to exact some revenge on the Wolverines for the thrashing they received last week from the Buckeyes. This one could get ugly.
Spartans 38 Wolverines 17
Give the Score:
10. #3 Penn State @ #9 Ohio State (Big 10(1) vs Big 10(1))
Call me a Joe Pa believer. I have come to realize that Joe Pa is simply a figure head for the Pennsylvania State University Nitny Lions. It would be hard for me to believe that this almost 80 year old man can walk into an 17 or 18 year old's home and relate to them very well. Maybe I am wrong and maybe he really is the John Wooden of College Football. However, I am just not buying it. I think he just says, hey, My name is Joe Paterno and I want you to play football for me. And they come running. The biggest Achilles heel for the Buckeyes has always been speed. They just can't seem to hang with teams that have overall team speed that is better than their own. This is one of those cases. Now Penn State doesn't have SEC type speed mind you, but they have enough to give Ohio State all they want and more. Even in the Horseshoe. Joe Pa continues his march to BCS fame.
Nitny Lions 31 Buckeyes 17