RazorPicks 2008 — Week 15 My Picks


1. #23 Pittsburgh @ Connecticut
I am going with the Stache on the road to get a big win and finish second in the Big Least. The Panthers run defense has been solid all year long (except for that Rutgers game). The only thing that UConn does well is run the ball. These teams are actual carbon copies of one another. However, with Pitt having the better defense if they can just muster up enough emotion after another tight Backyard Brawl win last week over West Virginia, they should be just fine.
Panthers 28 Huskies 17
2. East Carolina @ Tulsa
About week 3 of college football and this game would have been a no-brainer. The Pirates were coming off back to back upsets of Top 25 teams and were firmly entrenched in the top 15 in the country. My how things have changed. Tulsa, with its once unrealistic aspirations of a BCS bowl, have come back down to earth with the gimmicky Malzhan offense. While the Pirates hit a rough patch but seemed to regroup a little. They hit their offensive stride last week against UTEP. Their QB Pinkney hit his September stride again and since the defense from Tulsa is abysmal at best, they will get plenty of points to win the CUSA Championship.
Pirates 48 Hurricanes 38
3. #17 Boston College vs #25 Virginia Tech
There probably are no two more evenly matched programs in a conference championship than these two right here. They both rely on defenses to keep them in games and be very opportunistic on offense when the time presents itself. They both have outstanding kicking games, but the edge there goes to Ginny Tech. The coaching staff at Ginny Tech most definitely gets the edge as Beamer has been there done that so many times it isn't even funny anymore. Therefore in a defensive struggle for the ages, Ginny Tech relys on its kicker and a timely defensive TD to win in the end.
Hokies 17 Eagles 13
4. #5 USC @ UCLA
Maybe some day soon this game will get backs to its storied past. With Slick Rick on the sidelines now for the Bruins, it shouldn't be too long before he has paid enough talent to get back to almost the same level as Carroll at USC. However, this is year one of the "prodigal son's return" and it won't be pretty with that highly-touted Trojan defense on the other side of the trenches. The Bruins will play hard and valiantly, however, it won't be close to enough.
Trojans 42 Bruins 10
5. Navy vs Army
Do you like teams that run the football? Do you like college football games that last 2 hours? Do you like to see the military teams line up and try to pound each other into submission? Then my friends, this is the game for you. These two teams are almost mirror copies of one another. Army is trying to be Navy by running the football and they are doing better. However, Navy just has more experience at it and is quicker and stronger. In the end it will be competitive, but the Midshipmen are just too much this year.
Navy 28 Army 17
6. #20 Missouri @ #2 Oklahoma
How bad could this be? I don't have enough time to list all of the ways this could get ugly in a hurry. The best hope teams have had against OU this year is either a) running the ball and keeping Sam Bradford on the sideline, or b) playing physical defense and putting Sam Bradford on the sideline. Guess what? Mizzou can do neither of those things. They can't run the football to save their life, and their defense is akin to that old saying from Jerry Clower "if we just lay here long enough they are sure to run back by". This one is for "style".
Tiggers 17 Sooners 52
7. Arizona State @ Arizona
That Desert Swarm defense may have found a team they can beat in their cross-state rivals the Sun Devils. The Sun Devils and Dennis Erikson came into the season has highly touted with Carpenter returning at QB. However, their season turned for the worse when UNLV came to Tempe and upended them in an improbable comeback. Look for the Wildcats to exact some revenge for their close losses this year.
Devils 17 Wildcats 35
8. #13 Cincinnati @ Hawaii
I guess Brian Kelley scheduled this game thinking, hey at least we will get to travel to Hawaii this year if we don't make a bowl game. Well, now that the Bearcats are the Big Least representative in the Orange Bowl this year, this trip might be dangerous. Oh way, no it won't because Hawaii is just downright deplorable this year. This will be a cake walk as long as Kelley can keep the Bearcats focused on the game and not on the beautifully bronzed locals prancing on the beautiful beaches.
Bearcats 49 Rainbows 10
9. Arkansas State @ Troy
This is for the automatic birth in the New Orleans bowl for the Sun Belt winner. Troy will win it outright with a victory over the Red Wolves. They have a much better defensive line and that will keep the Red Wolves air attack off target all day long. The Offense will be just good enough to get the win for Troy. In the end it will be Troy playing Southern Miss in the New Orleans bowl.
Wolves 20 Troy 28

Give the Score:
10. #1 Alabama @ #4 Florida
So, I am going with the upset here. Odd that I am saying that since I am picking the only BCS conference undefeated and ranked #1 team in the country! They just completed a run through the vaunted SEC with an unblemished record as well. Only one other school has ever done that and that was Auburn. They have done it twice by the way and neither time did they play for the National Championship or the BCS Championship. Odd don't you think? This time, if the Tide win, they will reverse that fortune. Everyone wants to talk about Florida and Touchdown Timmy, but let me remind you that Nick Saban is roaming the other sidelines, he has a VERY stout defense, and he loves being the underdog. He uses it as fuel for motivating his teams, and he can do that with the best of them. They are also the most prepared teams in the country week in and week out. Don't get me wrong, Florida on offense is just as scary as it comes this year. They have roared through the defense heavy SEC and averaged an eye-popping 42 points per game. THAT has never been done before. However, without Harvin at starting TB, their running game will be limited a little and Touchdown Timmy will be in trouble when those LB start teeing off on him and laying the wood. It will be an instant classic that comes down to a Leigh Tiffin FG to win it for the Tide. IF the Tide can keep it close going to the fourth quarter and have the lead, they can run out the clock with their unbelievable 32 minutes average of ball possession. If they are behind though, QB JPW isn't going to be able to lead them back unless Freshman Jones has a monster and I mean monster game. I think they can do it and I hate Nick Saban more than anyone. But there is one thing you don't ever do, underestimate his team and the national media has been doing that all year long.
Saban 27 Meyer 24