RazorPicks — Week 10 Games

yeah, i don't have the week 9 results yet…

I realize that….hopefully by tomorrow evening…
until then, here are the week 10 games, please send your picks to RazorPicks by 11:00 am Saturday, November 3, 2007….

#21 Wisconsin @ #1 Ohio State (Big 10)
who is for real in this game
#24 Wake Forest @ #23 Virginia (ACC)
flip the coin
Nebraska @ #8 Kansas (Big XII)
can the Huskers win another game?
Texas Tech @ Baylor (Big XII)
Tech NEEDS this game
#12 Michigan @ Michigan State (Big 10)
love in-state rivalries
#15 Texas @ Oklahoma State (Big XII)
can the Cowboys rope the Shorthorns?
#3 LSU @ #17 Alabama (SEC)
too bad we have to wait a year for Satan in Baton Rouge
South Carolina @ Arkansas (SEC)
Hogs NEED this win
Vanderbilt @ #20 Florida (SEC)
can Meyer avoid 4 losses in an SEC season?

Give the Score:
#4 Arizona State @ #5 Oregon (PAC-10)
should be fun 🙂