RazorPicks — Week 11 My Picks

Due to limited bandwidth (dealing with a 28.8 dial-up connection here in Dierks) these are will be very much abbreviated picks. Enjoy.

#12 Michigan @ Wisconsin
I am going with the upset. Wisconsin is physical and Michigan State pushed the Wolverines around last week. The Badgers get the win here at Camp Randall.

Wolverines 20 Badgers 24

Wake Forest @ #21 Clemson
The Tigers seem to have everything together. Although the last time I thought that they lost. So let's see if that Demon Deacon defense can stop Spiller again. My guess is no.

Deacons 17 Tigers 27

Texas A&M @ #6 Missoura
Aggies don't have much of anything to play for now for sure. With all the talk of Fran already being bought out of his contract, it will be enough of a distraction for the Tigers and Chase Daniel to have a field day against them. Tigers big.

Aggies 13 Tigers 48

Arkansas @ #25 Tennessee
McFadden used the South Carolina game last year as a tune-up for the Vols. Last year he went for 175 against he Gamecocks before going for 180 against the Vols. Let's see, he went for 321 this year on the Gamecocks, doing the math that is, oh 350 or so. Right? I don't think it is that much, but he and Jones will once again run wild on the #84 rush defense in the country.

Hogs 42 Vols 24

Texas Tech @ #14 Texas
While I think Tech has the better and more talented team, I just don't see them going to Austin and winning. If you can't win in Stillwater, you probably aren't going to win in Austin. I hope they prove me wrong, but I just don't see it happening. Texas continues to be the most overrated team in the land.

Raiders 32 Shorthorns 35

#15 Florida @ South Carolina
To say the wheels have come off in Columbia would probably be an understatement. They come back home after back-to-back losses on the road in Knoxville and Fayetteville. The one in Fayetteville was just down right embarrassing. Tebow probably watched film and was licking his chops. Oh, and so was Percy Harvin. Those two will have great days (not McFadden-Jones' days, but great days) and the Gators chomp the Ol Ball Coach to a 4 game SEC losing streak.

Gators 38 Gamecocks 28

#4 Kansas @ Oklahoma State
Earlier in the year I would have told you that Kansas might have problems stopping the Okie State offense. But after they got stonewalled in Stillwater last week by a poor Texas defense, I don't think they will have any problems. Anyways, doesn't matter how many the Cowboys score, the Jayhawks will score 2 for every 1 of their points. That Kansas offense is lethal. The dream season continues.

Jayhawks 51 Cowboys 31

#9 Arizona State @ UCLA
While I think the Sun Devils will rebound and win in Southern Cali, I do believe they will struggle. They haven't experienced defeat this year until last week. How will they respond? Sluggish and will come away lucky to win this game. The PAC-10 is WAY overrated.

Devils 21 Bruins 17

Illinois @ #1 Ohio State
As much as I want to think that the Illini will win this game (remember they almost got them in Champagne last year), I just don't think they can muster it. The Buckeyes are king of the regular season. They win in a thriller in the Horseshoe.

Illini 28 Buckeyes 31

#18 Auburn @ #10 Georgia
Mark Richt is the king of motivation after his stunt last week in Jacksonville that just completely threw off Urban Meyer and the Gators groove. What will he come up with this week? Don't know, but it better be good. This Tiger defense is stout. They will be able to contain the Georgia RB, so can Stafford lead them to victory? I think so. But it will be a close one.

Tigers 20 Bulldogs 21