RazorPicks — Week 13 Results

Well, all precincts are finally reporting šŸ˜‰

Brick of the Week

This week, there were upsets all over the place as Arkansas upended #1 LSU in Death Valley, Texas A&M beat up on Texas in College Station, and Missouri stopped Kansas undefeated season. However, the one team that had surprised most this year fell flat on its face in a big way. And therefore, due to that, the two individuals who picked that team also get the BOTW for Week 13. For their pick of Connecticut to beat West Virginia (they lost the game 66 – 21) the BOTW goes to the Mashburn household and Mrs. April "At least Arkansas won!" Mashburn and Mr. Brian "Now what happens to Houston Dale?" Mashburn.

Pick of the Week

With all the upsets, you just knew someone had to get lucky, right? Well, several TRUE Razorback fans correctly picked the Hawgs upsetting the Tigers. However, only one contestant correctly picked the Aggies in all their disarray to upset the Longhorns. Therefore, with his pick, the POTW for week 13 goest to Mr. Gene "I hate the Shorthorns" Strode. Congratulations bud!

Champion of the Week

It was a tough, tough week for most with the average correctly picked games being 5.2. Ouch! That is pretty tough, but hey, that is why we play the game. With all the carnage lying around, we did have one individual manage to pick 8 of the 10 games correctly including the tie-breaker of Missouri over Kanas. And therefore, with those 8 picks, Mr. Gene "Finally won one of these things!" Strode is the champion for Week 13 of RazorPicks! Congratulations bud!!!! Nice buck as well šŸ˜‰

Actual Game Scores

USC 44
Arizona State 24
Texas 30
Texas A&M 38
Arkansas 50
LSU 48 3OT
Boise State 27
Hawaii 39
Connecticut 21
West Virginia 66
Virginia Tech 33
Virginia 21
Georgia 31
Georgia Tech 17
Tennessee 52
Kentucky 50 3OT
Alabama 10
Auburn 17
Missouri 36
Kansas 28

Weekly Standings

8 – 2
Gene Strode
7 – 3
April Mashburn
Jonathan Butcher
Steven Leija
Alex Rowland
6 – 4
Carl Mayo
Jerry Tucker
Carroll Walls
Lisa Hill
Damon Hill
5 – 5
Jamey Vaught
Jessica Leija
Brian Mashburn
Lance Williams
No Picks
Ashley Mosley
Robert Leija
Jim Carter
Jason Shirey
Jon McCurdy
Ben Gilbert

Overall Standings

Jamey Vaught 93 37
Lisa Hill 91 39
Jason Shirey 90 30
Steven Leija 90 40
Jessica Leija 89 41
Jerry Tucker 89 41
April Mashburn 89 41
Brian Mashburn 87 43
Damon Hill 86 44
Jonathan Butcher 86 44
Lance Williams 83 37
Gene Strode 81 39
Carroll Walls 80 40
Alex Rowland 79 51
Jim Carter 75 35
Carl Mayo 72 38
Jon McCurdy 53 27
Ashley Moseley 29 21
Ben Gilbert 8 2
Robert Leija 7 3