RazorPicks — Week 2 My Picks

Oregon @ Michigan (Line: Michigan -6)
So, this is the first game for the rest of the Michigan Football program's life. What do you possibly do after you set history by being the first Ranked 1-A team to lose to a 1-AA team. Can Lloyd Carr get his team to respond? Will the media coverage of this unprecedented game completely stifle any possible turn around due to the consistent reminder of their loss? If this team really is a top tier team, then Lloyd Car won't have to do much. Oregon is no push over, however, they gave up over 300 yards rushing to a mediocre Houston team last week in a win at home. Look for Mike Hart to have a big day. Michigan hasn't lost consecutive home games since 1990. They won't break that streak this week.

Ducks 28 Wobbly Wolverines 41

TCU @ Texas (Line: Texas -10.5)
Sometimes we have our judgment clouded by week 1 games when we make picks in week 2. If you look at the game Texas played at home last week against the Sun Belt representative who was supposed to be the sacrificial lamb, you have to wonder. Texas we a 39 point favorite and they had to use the help of a later admitted blown call on an onside kick attempt to hold off the Indians by 8. Had the call been made correctly, the ASU possible upset of Texas would have still taken back-seat to App State's win in the Big House. However, Texas has lots of problems. TCU, well this is the Horned Frogs BCS game. This is their one shot to prove to the Nation that they are legitimate BCS Championship Contenders. When the Horned Frogs shocked the Sooners in Norman to open the 2005 season people took notice. If Texas doesn't correct its problems from week 1 in a very big hurry, the Horned Frogs will make that statement. I hate Texas more than anyone. I am going out on the limb. TCU upsets the Shorthorns.

Horned Frogs 20 Shorthorns 17

Miami @ Oklahoma (Line: OU -10)
This is a game of two programs on the rise again. Granted, OU played North Texas last week with a head coach who was coaching in high school last year. So, you have to temper the enthusiasm in Norman JUST a wee bit. Miami is on the right track for sure with the new hard-line tactics of Shannon in his first year. However, they just don't have the horses to run with a more talented team. Can the OU offense continue to click? Will the U defense put the reigns on OU? Can Miami score? In the end, OU just gets the job done at home.

Caines 16 Sooners 28

South Carolina @ Georgia (Line: Georgia -6.5)
At the beginning of the season the Ol Ball Coach was chirping about how USC-E would be competing for the SEC-E crown. Well, then they actually played a game on the field against a far inferior team in UL-Lafayette. After the game it caused the Ol Ball Coach to back-pedal on those pre-season antics. He simply stated "Maybe we aren't as good as we thought we were." Ya think? On the other side of field between the hedges this weekend will be Mark Richt and the UGA Bulldogs. Last week it was a trendy pick to have the Cowboys from Okie State to come to Athens and upend the Bulldogs. Well, what happened was the Bulldogs showing the nation that they were possibly a team to wrestle the title in the SEC-E from Florida this year. I think the Bulldogs win again. But trust me, it won't be a pretty game. At all.

'Cocks 12 Dogs 17

Notre Dame @ Penn State (Line: Nittny Lions -14.5)
Ok, so lets just say Georgia Tech is really, really, really good on defense. And if they are really that good, then that 33 – 3 pasting they put on the Irish in the shadow of Touchdown Jesus really was something. However, if GT was a really, really, really good defense, then the Nitny Lions of Joe Pa are simply on another level. Last year the Irish whalloped the Lions 41 – 17 in South Bend. This year, Jimmy Clausen the wonder (and I do mean "wonder") boy of the Irish will get his first collegiate start. Good luck Jimmy. Welcome to college football by playing in Happy Valley. At night. With a horrible offensive line. Against a Powerful Lion defense. Against a Penn State team content on revenge. I hope. No, I PRAY this game gets so ugly that the only thing the announcers have to talk about is whether Clausen will survive the game. After this game there will be GREAT rumblings in South Bend as they begin to wonder about the Charlie Weis experiment. Man I can't wait!!!

Ignorant Irish 7 Roaring Lions 52

UTEP @ Texas Tech (YAWN!!!) (Line: Tech -16)
There are some games that just aren't worth talking about. If it weren't for my brother-from-another-mother, this game wouldn't be on the pick-ems. You better "Wreck-em Tech". Geez.

Miners 14 Romping Raiders 34

Alabama @ Vanderbilt (Line: Bama -5)
So, Nicky Satan gets his first SEC game against a traditional doormat in the SEC. However, this ain't your grandfather's Commodores. These guys can actually play football. And I guarantee you that every player on the field with a V on his helmet has about a 100 point higher IQ than Nicky Satan. The biggest question mark for Bama in my mind is the defense. They are going to have to contain a real SEC offense in its tune-up for next week's onslaught from the McFadden-Jones train. If they can't stop the O from Johnson and the Commodores they are in a world of hurt in Tuscaloosa next weekend. I don't think they will be able to stop them. But I also don't think the Dores will be able to stop the Tide offense (what little they actually have). In the end Nicky Satan will squeak out his first SEC win at Bama. I can't wait for next weekend.

Timid Tide 21 Courageous Commodores 17

Boise State @ Washington (line: Broncos -3)
Ok, so everyone's Cinderella from last year is back. The Broncos are back and so is Ian Johnson. Johnson is easily one of the top 10 backs in the country. He is extremely fast and does an unbelievable job of seeing the field. The Huskies are coming off a near flawless performance last week in the Carrier Dome when they just cold-cocked the Orange in a 41 – 14 rout. Now either Syracuse is just pathetic this year or Washington is on the road back to respectability. The Broncos won't be intimidated by the big crowd or the noise in Spokane. They will be prepared and Johnson will expose the secondary of the Huskies to be pretty thin.

Boiling Broncos 37
Humbled Huskies 28

@ Mississippi (Line: Tigers -5.5)
The Rebels looked good last week against another Tiger team from Memphis in the first half at least. The score was 23 – 0 at half. Then they came out from halftime and I am not real sure where the Rebel team from the first half went. The Tigers went on a run and the Rebels had to hold their breath in the end and squeak out a 23 – 21 win. Talk about just pathetic. On the other side Missouri did the exact same thing against the Illini from Illinois. They were on their way to a blowout of the Illini until they just choked. They did end up winning the game by 6. The Rebel D is very disciplined and very good. The Offense on the other hand….well, not so good. The D will blow out of the gate in Oxford and keep the Tigers in check for the first half. However, in the second, Chase Daniel will heat up and so will the Tiger O. Mizzou pulls away late for a big win.

Tacky Tigers 30 Rank Rebels 13

Give the Score:
Virginia Tech @ LSU (Line: Tigers -8)
So, this game is kinda huge. This is a game that I have been looking forward to for quite a while now. This game will pit two of the best defenses in the country on the same field. At night. In Baton Rouge. In Tiger Stadium. Yeah, it will be kind of loud there. Va Tech has to show that it was sluggish last week against East Carolina at home due to the outpouring of emotion the game produced due to the unthinkable tragedy of last April on the campus. LSU on the other hand, took care of business against just a pathetic Bulldog team down in StarkVegas. I still am not convinced that the LSU offense is anything to write home about. Especially considering the Tigers are #2 in the AP Poll. Of course #5 in the AP poll last week lost at home to a 1-AA team. So go figure. Polls mean nothing. LSU has a legit defense. Dorsey is just a beast. Va Tech ALWAYS has a defense that they can hang their hat on. This game is just going to be so much fun to watch. Will anyone reach double digits? Remember the 7 – 3 loss the Tigers had last year down on the plains against Auburn? This game could end up being just like that one. Les Miles can screw up just about anything if given the chance. However, this game is in Death Valley. At night. The idiots from Baton Rouge will have all day to drink, drink, drink, and drink some more. The crowd will be worse than anything Va Tech has ever experienced. In the end, the LSU D will get it done and they will win on an INT return for a TD.

Honorable Hokies 9 Tawdy Tigers 13