RazorPicks — Week 7 My Picks

Here they are:

#25 Tennessee @ Mississippi State (Line: Vols 7)
So the Vols finally win a game at home and guess what, ranked in the Top 25 again. Amazing isn't it? The team that everyone had given up for dead not two weeks ago after a blowout loss to Florida is now in the Top 25??? I just don't get it. Oh well. The running game came back against the Bulldogs for Athens last week and it will need to be just as strong this weekend against the Bulldogs from StarkVegas. Without a balanced attack, this State defense can be a brick wall. Look for it to be a close game all the way, and Ainge some how pulls it out at the end.

Vols 24 Bulldogs 20

Alabama @ Mississippi (Line: Bama 6.5)
So, the euphoria that was Satan-ball not two weeks ago has been subdued quite a bit with back-to-back losses for the Tide. Now they get Ole Miss in Oxford before two crucial games against Tennessee and LSU. The Tide must win this game to have any shot of staying in the SEC West race. Ole Miss has been horrible lately against the run and with Terry Grant, the Tide probably will just run it down their throats. Their D though has to step it back up and not do with it nearly did last week with Houston and blow a 21 – 0 lead. Tide wins in another tough game.

Tide 28 Rebels 17

#1 LSU @ #17 Kentucky (Line: Tigers 9.5)
Ok, so everyone wants this to be a great game and the Wildcats to pull the upset at home in Lexington. One thing, that LSU defense is about two-notches ABOVE the South Carolina defense that rattled Kentucky last week in Columbia. This will be even more difficult for the Wildcat offense considering their starting TB is out for the game. I just don't see this being a close game and the Wildcats go back to basketball in droves. Tiggers dominate from start to finish.

Tigers 42 Wildcats 17

#4 Boston College @ Notre Dame (Line: Eagles 14)
Ok, so this is honestly a major mis-match on paper. Boston College is one of the most balanced teams in the country. Matt Ryan and the offense is beyond productive both through the air and on the ground. Notre Dame on the other hand can't seem to find anything that works. I didn't see any highlights from the UCLA game last week, but it is pretty obvious that UCLA must have given up at this point. They are destroyed by Utah and then beaten soundly by Notre Dame at home. Wow! Eagles soar in South Bend.

Eagles 42 Irish 13

#7 South Carolina @ North Carolina (Line: Gamecocks 6.5)
This game is another "sexy" pick for an upset. The Tarheels are coming off an impressive upset win over Miami last weekend in Chapel Hill. Now they get Spurrier and South Carolina in their backyard in a cross-state rivalry game. Most times this game is close, no matter what the record of each team. However, although Butch Davis got his team up to face his "old" team, I don't expect that to happen again this weekend. South Carolina is just too talented on Defense and NC is not too hot on offense.

Spurrier 34 Butch 13

#19 Wisconsin @ Penn State (Line: Lions 6.5)
Wisconsin hasn't shown much this year to have been such a highly ranked team (until they were just embarrassed in Champaign last week that is). But as bad of a disappointment as the Badgers have been thus far, Penn State might be bigger. At one point they were also in the Top 10 before going to the Big House and getting stoned by the Wolverines. Then they followed that up with a loss at Illinois. They rebounded at home last week to beat Iowa, but this team is just too unpredictable. I think Wisconsin controls the line of scrimmage and the game clock and wins in the end.

Badgers 17 Nitny Lions 13

Texas A&M @ Texas Tech (Line: Tech 8.5)
Well, this will be THE game for the Raiders. They have up to this point played only one "legitimate" team. They lost that game. All the other cream puffs have just been a warm-up. Now it is time to show that they are the legitimate team they claim to be or if they are just once again a high-powered offensive system that can't win big games. A&M is in a state of disarray and that helps the Raiders. Plus A&M never plays well in this game that isn't a rivalry no matter how much my lil brother from another mother thinks it is. The question is does A&M rally behind its embattled coach or do they fold like a house of cards around him? Good question and the answer will go a long way in determining who wins this game.

Aggies 35 Raiders 42

#22 Auburn @ Arkansas (Line: Hogs 3)
You know I just don't get the oddsmakers in Vegas sometimes who assign lines to these games. Sure, Arkansas is at home. Sure Auburn is a "little" banged up on defense. However, Arkansas played easily the worst game of the past two years last week in Little Rock against a vastly inferior team and Auburn has now rolled off consecutive victories over Florida (in the Swamp) and Vanderbilt. They are really peaking at the right time and Arkansas doesn't know what a peak is these days. The biggest question mark that could swing in the Razorbacks favor is the Hogs OL vs. the Tigers DL. If the OL can dominate then this will be a very, very long day for Tubberville and the Tigers. I just honestly have no clue what will happen in this game. I know what my heart wants, but my head isn't agreeing right now.

Tigers 28 Hogs 31

#18 Illinois @ Iowa (Line: Illini 3.5)
Illinois is probably the hottest team in the country. Coming off back to back wins at home against powerhouses Penn State and Wisconsin, Ron Zook has the Illini ranked for the first time in almost 10 years. We always new that Zook could recruit (that thank you card from Urban Meyer still hasn't arrived though) but until this year, the question was, can he coach all that unbelievable talent? Seems like he is figuring it out this year. Iowa is just struggling. Bad. Even at home, the Illini win this one going away.

Illini 31 Hawkeyes 13

Give the Score:
#11 Missouri @ #6 Oklahoma (Line: Sooners 10.5)
Not many people are giving the Tigers from Columbia any shot in this game. It is in Norman. The Sooners are a very balanced offensive team. They have been just stone-cold on defense for the most part. So, why even play the game? Well, you play the game because Missouri is just that good and they have absolutely nothing to lose. They win, they move one step closer to their goal of a Big XII Title. They lose, well, they go back to being the Missouri team we all have come to love and know. I have watched a couple of ZeroU's games this year. On offense, they simply let red-shirt Freshman QB Bradford throw the ball up to those towering WR and let them go get them. They have a decent running game, but the Buffaloes shut that down and this Tiger defense is better than the Buffs. Missouri and Chase Daniels are very balanced and they will spread you out. Tulsa tried that against ZeroU and it worked pretty well for a quarter. That should concern the Sooners. Missouri spreads them out and pulls the upset. ZeroU has two conference losses just like the Shorthorns.

Tigers 31 Sooners 24