RazorPicks — Week 8 My Picks

Here they are:

Texas A&M @ Nebraska (Line: Nebraska by 2)
It is the Lame Duck Bowl for sure. Callahan knows the writing is on the wall after his best friend and confidant Husker AD Pederson was fired this week and replaced by Bro. Tom Osborne. That only barely beats the insider secret $1200 email newsletter that Dennis Franchione was sending out to some boosters. Talk about drama. And we thought it was bad in Arkansas….wait, it is bad in Arkansas. Anyways, the one thing that has been the absolute worst in Lincoln has been the defense. They were stripped of their "Blackshirts" this week and this weekend, they will seal the deal for Callahan. Franchione survives, for at least another week.

Aggies 34 Cornhuskers 24

Vanderbilt @ #6 South Carolina (Line: Gamecocks by 13.5)
So, not only has the Ol Ball Coach got the Gamecocks in the thick of the SEC East race, he has them knee-deep in the BCS Championship race. They have big games coming up on the road against Arkansas and Tennessee before closing out with Florida. Therefore, they can not let a little slip up at home against a struggling Vandy team slow them down. Vanderbilt struggled against Auburn but then put it together and almost beat Georgia for the second straight year. The Ol Ball Coach has them ready.

Dores 10 Gamecocks 28

#21 Tennessee @ Alabama (Line: Bama by 1)
This is an SEC rivalry that is really just mean. They really hate each other in this rivalry. Tennessee is back in the SEC East race even after losing to Florida big early in the season. The Vols have had major defensive issues in the past, but seem to be putting that behind them now. If they can continue to improve in that area, then they will have a good chance in the East. Bama in the West has just been lucky. You can call that good coaching or just plain luck. Either way, they have won on last second plays in 2 of their 3 SEC wins. Their SEC loss was @ home to Georgia in OT. So, what happens today? Bama plays it close but in the end the offense of Ainge moves the ball on the Tide secondary and the Vols come away with a hard fought victory.

Vols 42 Tide 38 2OT

Arkansas @ Mississippi (Line: Hawgs by 5)
So who wants to be winless in the SEC? Well, the loser of this game gets that distinction solely on their own. After Mississippi State pulled the upset on the Plains @ Auburn earlier in the year, it will either be the Rebels or the Hogs. The Rebels have had chances to beat Florida and Alabama at home this year. Both of those games came down to the last play. Arkansas on the other hand has lead in EACH of its 3 SEC games in the 4th quarter, only to not be able to seal the deal. So, what happens today? The Rebel defense has been extremely soft against the run this year ranking 96th in the country. The Arkansas D has shown signs of life the last couple of games. Can that continue? Who the freak knows. I think the OL of Arkansas finally does something and McFadden blows back onto the Heisman stage with a huge performance.

Hawgs 35 Rebels 20

#14 USC @ Notre Dame (Line: Trojans by 18)
Ok, so one of the more storied non-conference rivalry games takes place this weekend in South Bend. Only one problem with this installment of this rivalry, Notre Dame is horrible and USC, well, they aren't USC this year. After losing at home to Stanford two weeks ago, they squeaked out a victory last week over a horrible Arizona team. They are reeling and will be playing Sanchez at QB this weekend. ND on the other hand is playing their third QB of the year and honestly, it won't matter. The offensive line is in shambles but the defense has been playing loads better. Look for it to be close for a while, but the Trojans won't need a "Bush Push" this weekend.

Trojans 38 Irish 13

#24 Texas Tech @ #16 Missouri (Line: Missoura by 3.5)
Ok, so yeah, the Tech program is on the rise in the Big XII. No doubt about that. They aren't battling Baylor or Iowa State for #12 anymore and they are progressively trying to more and more play with the big boys. However, one thing they have yet to figure out is how to play well on the road (well, outside of College Station that is). They will need to bring their A game this weekend in Columbia. This is by far the most balanced offensive team they have played all year. The Tigers are for real. They had 3 outstanding quarters in Norman last week before the wheels came off and they lost it in the 4th quarter. Look for LOTS of offense. Tech has the #1 passing offense and Missoura has the #5 passing offense. Get out the calculators for this one.

Raiders 41 Tigers 48

#13 Kansas @ Colorado (Line: Kansas by 4)
So far Kansas really hasn't played a team with a pulse, besides Kansas State. They beat the Wildcats in Manhattan for the first time in many, many years. Colorado has one big win so far on its resume this year and that win came in Boulder. Last week the Buffaloes went to Manhattan and were beaten soundly by the Wildcats. So, runaway win for the Jayhawks, right? Well, I believe they will win, but it won't be a runaway by any means. Kansas moves to 7 – 0 and one step closer to their goal of a Big XII title.

Jayhawks 41 Buffaloes 28

#17 Auburn @ #4 LSU (Line: LSU by 11)
So, at 3 -1 in the SEC, each of these teams are very much still in the race for the SEC Championship. Auburn has gone about it in a different way than LSU. After struggling early in the season and losing back to back home games, the Plains Tigers have bounced back and won their last 3 SEC games including on the road @ Florida and Arkansas. Now they travel to Death Valley @ night to face a mad LSU defense that gave up loads of points in their 3 OT loss last weekend in Lexington. Glen Dorsey will be looking for some payback for his ballyhooed defense. Auburn is very one-dimensional and that will hurt. LSU gets it done.

Plains Tigers 9 Bengal Tigers 21

#25 Michigan @ Illinois (Line: Michigan by 3)
Remember 4 weeks ago when Michigan was 0 – 2 after losses AT home to Appalachian State and Oregon? Remember how just horrible things were in Ann Arbor and it seemed imminent that Lloyd Carr would be fired at any moment? Well, really, I think he just looked like he was 100 years old or something and sounded like it too. Now they are on a 4 game winning streak and all seems to be well. Except they have Illinois coming this weekend. What does that mean? Well remember why they lost those two games? Mobile QBs and a devastating running game by the opposing team. Guess what Illinois has? Both of those and the game is in Champaign. Therefore, I am going with my boy Zook again this weekend. He comes through for me now.

Wolverines 17 Illini 31

Give the Score (tiebreaker):

#15 Florida @ #7 Kentucky (Line: Florida by 7)
College football is about two things: confidence and emotion. Kentucky has one thing going for it this weekend and that is confidence. Florida has the other going for it and working against Kentucky and that is emotion. The Wildcats have to be emotionally drained after their dramatic 3OT victory at home last week over #1 LSU. You just can't gauge how a team will react after that type of victory. Depending upon how they react will go a long way in determining this game. Florida on the other hand is staring 1 – 3 in the SEC East directly in the face with a loss this week and a complete elimination from contention. Does Meyer have what it takes to prepare his team for this game? Can Woodson and the Wildcats end the Gators season early?

Super Tebow 24 Woody Woodson 21