RazorPicks – Week 9 My Picks

Here they are:

Florida International @ Arkansas (Line: Hogs by 39)
This is the last non-conference break for the Hogs before the final 4 SEC games. They will be getting back Markus Monk (the original Ocho Cinco) for his first game this year after a knee injury in fall practices. He needs to get his timing down with Casey Dick and the wide receivers and QBs need to work more on the passing game. If they wanted they could just hand the ball of 75 times and D-Mac and Felix would just pile up the yards in an easy victory. The Hogs however, need to work on balance for the South Caroline game next week. The line is probably met in the first quarter. Hopefully the D can keep up its strong play by having only allowed 1 TD in the past 10 quarters or play.

FIU 3 Hogs 56

#11 Florida @ #18 Georgia (Line: Gators by 8.5)
Georgia is a very young team this year and IMO have surpassed what most thought they would. Winning on the road at Bama and Vandy were both great wins. However, this Florida team is just more physical than Georgia. I think Tebow has another break out game for the Gators. The lines and who can control momentum will go a long way in determining the winner of this game. The FL secondary has been battle tested with the game against Kentucky and Andre Woodson last week in Lexington. While they are beatable, Matthew Stafford is no Andre Woodson. The passing game may keep them in the game if they get behind early. It will be a great Cocktail Party (well, that is really what it is no matter what they try to say about it).

Gators 27 Dawgs 21

#10 South Florida @ #23 Connecticut (Line: Bulls by 4.5)
Ok, call me skeptical, but I am just not buying into the Huskies being a Top 25 team. Actually, I don't think they are a Top 50 team. They have played the weakest schedule of any team in the nation besides Kansas. They lost by 1 to a weak ACC team in Virginia and then with the help of the referees beat a very struggling L'ville team at home by 4 last week. South Florida on the other hand has played the tough teams and if not for one of the worst games on offense by their SR QB last week in Piscataway, they would be 7 – 0 and still #2 in the country. Needless to say, I think this game might be over by half. I just don't think the Big Least is all that tough this year (or any year for that matter). Bulls in a stampede.

Bulls 42 Huskies 17

Nebraska @ #19 Texas (Line: Horns by 21)
This season can't end soon enough for the Husker faithful. They, along with everyone else in America, that Callaghan is a "dead man walking" on the sidelines of Husker Nation. Especially after his only protection in the administration, AD Bill Peterson, was shown the door last week. Now gazing down on him is none other than Dr. Tom Osborne, the demi-God of Husker football. Yeah, Callaghan might want to just stay in Austin after this game. His defense hasn't been able to stop a slow mist in Lincoln and his West Coast offense must have gotten held up in the Rockies on the way to Lincoln. I just hasn't ever made it. This will be a long day for the Cornhuskers, but don't worry, I have a feeling you will get your running coach next year and things will be back to the way you remember them soon. Of course, after pummeling NU, the Shorthorns will be vaulted back into the Top 10 since they are the most over-hyped, over-rated, and overall just over-talked about program in the land.

Huskers 16 Horns 42

#9 Kansas @ Texas A&M (Line: Jayhawks by 2)
I still don't think Kansas if "for real" but they are winning all their games and until someone shows they can beat them, they are still going to be favored over weaker teams. A&M qualifies as a weaker team by all accounts. They have internal problems with Coach Fran rumored already in talks to be bought out of his contract in College Station, the players complaining about the offense, the players guaranteeing wins they know they can't back up, and just overall disgruntlement in Aggie Land. The Jayhawks and Mangino passed their first true test of the year last week when they went into Boulder and won. Wasn't impressive or pretty, but it was a conference win on the road against a decent team. I think the high-flying attack of the Jayhawks puts them easily over the Aggies even in College Station.

Jayhawks 31 Aggies 20

#16 South Carolina @ Tennessee (Line: Vols by 3)
USC-E just looked horrible last weekend at home against Vandy. They couldn't do one thing right and were embarrassed as The Ol Ball Coach lost for the first time ever to Vanderbilt. So was Vandy playing inspired ball last weekend? Was USC-E looking ahead to this week's matchup against the Vols? I think it might have been a combination of both. I think the Gamecock D comes to play this game and we saw last week what happens when the Vols face a "decent" defense in the game @ Tuscaloosa. South Carolina is WAY beyond decent on defense (at times). I think the Vols will come out with a lot of emotion playing for their embattled Phat Phil. However, emotion won't win this game as the Ol Ball Coach gets the Gamecocks back on top of the SEC-E with a HUGE win in Knoxville.

Gamecocks 24 Volunteers 14

#1 Ohio State @ #25 Penn State (Line: Buckeyes by 3.5)
Every time, I have gone with my gut in these Big 10 games, I have been disappointed. Although I believe this Ohio State teams is vastly overrated, much like the entire Big 10, I just don't think Joe Pa has the horses to pull the upset even if it is in Happy Valley at night on cold, damp, dreary night. Ohio State just wins regular season games under Jim Tressel. Maybe it is the sweater vest? Maybe it is the innocent physics professor look that causes opposing coaches to not take him seriously? Whatever it is, people need to wake up and take the Urban Meyer approach to playing the Buckeyes. Turn it loose. Play with reckless abandonment. Problem is, that ain't Joe Pa's fortay. Buckeyes win in a close game until the final quarter.

Buckeyes 24 Lions 17

#21 California @ #4 Arizona State (Line: State by 3)
Now don't get me wrong, Dennis Erickson has done a tremendous job in his first year in Tempe. Just fabulous coaching to get your team into week 9 of the college football season and be one of only 5 teams left that are unbeaten. Great job. However, I just don't think they have the horses or talent to run with the studs on offense from California. Also, do you honestly think that a Jeff Tedford coached Cal team will ever lose 3 games in a row? With Longshore and Jackson both healthy and back now? I just don't see it. They have too many offensive weapons and they are playing for some form of pride now. They come back to win it in the 4th on the road.

Bears 35 Sun Devils 31

Colorado @ Texas Tech (Line: Tech by 13.5)
Tech is back home and hopefully has recovered from the beat down they received in Columbia last week at the hands of the Tigers. Harrell and Crabtree finally found out just how difficult it is to win in the Big XII and how difficult it is to perform on that high of a level when the big lights are on and everyone is singing your praises. Odd, not much mention of Harrell and Crabtree in the Heisman race this past week. That's weird?? They play about 180x better when they are at home and therefore, look for them to get back on somewhat of track when they host the Buffaloes. Don't take Haskins team too lightly though. They will surprise you with their speed on defense. Tech in a closer game than it should be.

Buffs 21 Raiders 31

Give the Score:
#12 USC @ #5 Oregon (Line: Ducks by 3)
How quickly the mighty will fall. It only takes a "lightning-in-a-bottle" scenario and what you have built for years comes crashing down around you. That is what is happening in Southern Cali. Pete Carroll had built the dynasty of all dynasties at USC in this day and age. They were just rolling over opponents and playing like they were invincible. That is until the armor cracked just a little when Washington came oh so close to the upset in Week 6. Then in week 7, the unthinkable happened. Their 35 game home winning streak in the Coliseum was stopped. Not by Cal. Not by UCLA. By Stanford. Wow. Now after struggling with a deplorable Zona team in week 8 they get to travel to Eugene where Dennis Dickson and the high-flying Ducks await them in Autzen Stadium. If you don't think that place simply won't be electric, you have no idea what college football is about. The USC D has holes folks and the Ducks will exploit them mightily. The only question is, can the Ducks stop Sanchez and the Trojans on offense? It should be a good one.

Trojans 35 Ducks 45