RazorPicks 2010 – Week 10 Results

  So, some highlights and lowlights if you will from week 10 in college football: Hey, Arkansas found a running game. And at a great time too when the Hogs needed it the most in the biggest road game of the season. By cruising past South Carolina, the Hogs now have a very decent shot […]

2010 RazorPicks Week 8 My Picks

Alright, here they are: North Carolina 20 @ Miami (FL) 17 — Butch Davis is in quite possibly the worst situation in college football today. More than likely this is a swan song not only for him, but for AD Dick Baddour. Someone’s heads are going to roll for the calamity that is UNC football, […]

2010 RazorPicks Week 3 Games

Last week doing it this way. Web app is in testing and should be deployed this weekend. Picks are due by September 18, 2010 @ 10:00 am. #12 Arkansas (SEC) @ Georgia (SEC) Baylor (Little XII) @ #4 TCU (MWC) #6 Texas (Little XII) @ Texas Tech (Little XII) #10 Florida (SEC) @ Tennessee (SEC) […]

2010 RazorPicks Week 1 Games

Okay, for week 1 at least we are doing it “old school” style … Hope to have everything ready with the online app by next week. Rules are simple: Register for an account on my site here. In the comment section of this post, leave your winners for each game. For the 10th Game, provide […]

RazorPicks 2009 Bowl Pickem — My Picks

December 26, 2009 Meineke Car Care Bowl – ESPN 3:30 PM CST 24 Pittsburgh Panthers (9 – 3) 17 North Carolina Tar Heels (8 – 4) Freshman phenom running back Lewis for Pitt will be the main focus of the Pitt offense. Carolina has a great defense, but they won’t be able to stop Lewis […]

RazorPicks 2009 — Bowl Pickem

Here it is folks. Your chance to move WAY up or WAY down the final rankings for 2009. So, here are 25 Bowls I deemed worthy to be on the Pick Em. Good luck! Picks are due by 2:30 CST on December 26, 2009. December 26, 2009 Meineke Car Care Bowl – ESPN 3:30 PM […]

RazorPicks 2009 — Week 14 Results

#16 Oregon State 33 @ #7 Oregon 37 Win and your in. The Rose Bowl that is. For the first time in the 112 year history of the Civil War, the winner would go to the Rose Bowl. Boy was it an epic battle as well. Not until late in the game when Oregon finally […]

RazorPicks 2009 — Week 13 Results

Here they are, finally!!! #3 Texas 49 @ Texas A&M 39 Some are saying Colt McCoy may have won the Heisman Trophy with his performance against that 110 ranked defense out of 112 in the country. Really??? If that is the case, why not give the Heisman to Dan LeFevour. He had better stats and […]

RazorPicks 2009 — Week 14 My Picks

Thursday, December 3 #16 Oregon State 28 @ #7 Oregon 40 Several things working against the Beavers tonight. 1) It is at night. 2) It is at Autzen Stadium. 3) 113. This is the 113 meeting of the Civil War. In none of the other 112 times has the winner of this game determined the […]