Greasemonkey and Gmail Macros

ok, so every now and again the techy geek in my comes to the forefront..

well, actually, if you ask my wife, it is at the forefront all of the time….

stores I have been banned from entering on my own w/out her are:

  • Fry's Electronics
  • Best Buy
  • Ultimate Electronics
  • Radio Shack
  • Circuit City
  • ……

I could go on for a while…

anyways, there are always the "free" tech things in my life..
one of which is of course the best web browser on the planet FireFox..

then, there are just numerous amounts of plug-ins for this browser…
the latest one I have found has been a freaking incredible discovery to go along with my "can't-live-without-email" service from Google — GMail
you can sign up for your own free Google Gmail Account as well…

after you have those two things, you HAVE to download this plug-in for Firefox called Greasemonkey..
now that you have installed Greasemonkey you need to get the Gmail Macros Greasemonkey script and install it…

now you are well on your way to email bliss….
on you have Firefox installed, created a GMail account, installed the Greasemonkey plug-in, and the Gmail Macros Greasemonkey script, go to your Gmail inbox and hit the 'h' key for the help screen…


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