more useful apps

ok, these next two are courtesy of good friend and colleague, mr. brian sage..
he is the design/grahpics guru here in the office and therefore these two apps are very much in that vein (well, kind of)..


this free windows tool is extremely handy….i have only had it installed for a couple of hours this morning and I must say it rocks..
i have been using ObjectDock up until now…
but after the repeated verbal abusing of my co-workers who say I am just trying to have a MAC on my PC….
now launchy is the tool 😉

so what is it?
it is a tool that indexes (out of the box, but is configurable) your start menu…
it runs totally and completely in the background out of the way until summoned by your with a 'alt + spacebar' key sequence..
at that time it immediately snaps to attention and then awaits your typing…
as you type the names of common applications (i.e. firefox, explorer, etc.) it will "look-ahead" and try to complete and find those programs for you…
once it has found the one you want, and you highlight it, it will then "launch" (who would have thunk it) that program for you..
very nice, eh?
give it a whirl and let me know what you think…

windows fx

remember me mentioning ObjectDock above??
well this is another tool from Stardock (creators of ObjectDock) that runs in the background just like launchy..
it allows you to add special effects to windows..(told you this was design-intensive stuff)
and since these effects are controlled through hardward hooks and not software, they are EXTREMELY fast and very non-cpu intensive for your little 1.3GHz Athlon CPU… 🙂

it has several different features it allows you to customize, but the biggest two are:
1) window transitions — you can control how windows appear and disappear in your desktop environment…
2) window transparency — you can control how opaque or dense objects are on your desktop to make things purty (highly technical graphics term there)..

give these guys a try…
they are both FREE…