some kewl things I have seen lately

ok, so every now and then I like to step back and take a look at some of the things I use on a daily basis that maybe not everyone else uses or may not even know about…
so here are the top 10 things I am currently using that you might (or might not) find of interest and use to you as well….

  1. Google Calendar — a very kewl online application that allows you to keep up with events and also allows you to share your calendar so that others can see what is going on in your life….like maybe your FAMILY! 🙂
  2. Performancing — if you have a blog website and aren't using this plugin yet, then why not?!?!?! It is great and of course integrates very nicely into the mother of all web browsers Firefox
  3. Yahoo! Widgets — the application formerly known as Konfabulator is know a part of the Yahoo! family. It provides users with some great "widgets" that allow for ease of access to important information….like you stock portfolio, the weather, and system utilization.
  4. Desktop Sidebar — for those opposed to using the Yahoo! Widgets but still want a central place where all your information can be shown to you, try this little critter out. Of course it does help if you have at least a 19″ widescreen monitor, but my 17″ widescreen dell still has enough real estate 😉
  5. CCleaner — ever have those days when you computer just seems to be in a funk? Maybe you just need your Starbucks for the day and it isn't really the computer. However, this little system utility will let you determine if it was really because you missed your Grande White Chocolate Mocha or not.
  6. YouTube — if you haven't been here yet, then what have you been doing with your life?? Become an instant star, or goat, or whatever by uploading your own videos for all the world to see.
  7. Picasa — if you take a lot of digital photos like I have been accussed of doing in the past, then you need something to organize them, right?? Well, nothing works quite as well as this FREE utility from Google (man, they are into everything aren't they??). Enjoy.
  8. digg — if you are like me and like to know what is going on in the world, but don't have the time to search all over the internet ethos, then this is the site for you. digg has millions of people scouring the web finding all kinds of neat stories and then posting them for the world to "digg". Check it out and let me know if you "digg" it.
  9. voo2do — ever have so many things to do that you can't quite remember where you were when you got up this morning. me neither, but appearantly lots of people do. no, honestly this is a great site where you can store to do lists and access them from anywhere that you have an internet connection. you might need a computer too.
  10. web2.0 workgroup — so you have heard the buzz around something called web 2.0. wonder what it is and why you should care? well, if you did, then you could go here and learn all about the buzz and whether it is just hype or if there is some meat to this web 2.0 stuff.