yes, but what does that have to do with the iPhone?

i saw this question on a blog I read called TechCrunch today…

it points out how it doesn't really matter what technological breakthroughs happen this year, after June 29, all anyone is going to talk about is the forthcoming Apple iPhone…

nothing else will matter if you are a geek….

just that one thing… the iphone…

and questions like….

"dude, you have an iphone?"
"when are you getting your iphone?"
"who got their iphone first?"
"what song did you sync to your iphone first?"
"who did you call first on your iphone?"
"what movie did you watch first on your iphone?"
"what website did you browse first on your iphone?"
"how did you convince your wife that $500 for a cell phone was a 'good investment' even with a 1 month old?"

all in all, it will be the most talked about gadget this year….

heck, it already is!

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