illegal is now legal

so there is a breaking story about a compromise between the Senate and the White House on an Immigration Bill…

what does it mean?

it simply means that if you want to do something illegally and have it become illegal, just get 10 – 12 million of your best friends together in the country, do the illegal action and once everyone is so entrenched in the illegal activity that Congress will make what used to be illegal, legal..

how simple is that…
why have any laws at all if you aren't going to uphold them…
it is simply amazing that what was wrong is now right and what is right is now wrong…
anyone remember a book stating that very thing would take place?????

Senators, White House Reach Agreement on Immigration Bill

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3 thoughts on “illegal is now legal

  • If its a bad law I don’t see a problem with amnesty, if its done for people who have been voluntarily paying taxes and not breaking any other laws. Most illegal immigrants aren’t border-jumpers, they’re illegal because of bureaucratic problems that arise when the fed jerks them around. I know people that have spent years being referred to different agencies just to have them refer them back to another department trying to get a work visa.

  • Adam, I completely agree with you.
    However, would you define illegal as being someone who has a social security number that isn’t valid?
    It is reported that that IRS had almost 10,000,000 names/addresses and personal information for people who filed tax returns using improper social security numbers.
    I think those people would be considered illegal, correct?
    If people are voluntarily paying taxes and have a legitimate green card with a valid social security number, I have no problem with them being here.
    However, if they acquire the green card with a fraudulent social security, then what is the difference in stealing someone’s identity and bringing drugs into the country?

    This is NOT a simple black/white issue. However, granting blanket amnesty to all the illegal aliens isn’t the answer either. Agree?

  • I don’t think its exactly identity theft in the malicious sense if they’re using the SSN to *pay* money instead of take it away. The reason they must use made-up SSNs at work is because the federal government comes between the private employer and the voluntary employee. So they get a lot of sympathy from me there.

    Not all illegal aliens should get blanket amnesty, and that has to be only part of the solution. I’m worried that the new bill just adds more bureaucracy, but overall I think its a positive step forward towards get a handle on the immigration situation.

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