only in california

only in a state as left-wing liberal as california could the state senate endorse the walk-out of illegal immigrants….

i still am very overwhelmed by this whole issue…

i don't understand the logic that "since there are so many of them doing it, then let's just make it ok that they BROKE THE LAW"….

i can understand people wanting to leave Mexico for a better life and a promise of a better opportunity, but there are legal ways to enter this country that have been used by people and by generations for over 200 years…

why all of a sudden is it OK that people are allowed to break the law and get away with it?

yeah, you can blame whomever you want, the federal government, President Bush, whomever…but those people, each and every one of them KNEW it was illegal when they did it and STILL chose to break the law…

and why are they calling this event on monday the great "AMERICAN" boycott 2006???

how many of these people who will be boycotting ARE americans????
my guess would be NONE!

read all about the great AMERICAN???? boycott 2006


One thought on “only in california

  • Just happened to be browsing through the “great american boycott” entries and stumbled upon yours. And I just wanted to say that I agree with you 100%… I can hardly believe that there is even a debate going on about this, they are illegal- what is the big mystery?

    From a resident of east coast, ‘wicked’ liberal, Massachusetts – we’re not all brainwashed over here. 😎


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